Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education


Choice Award 2022: Outstanding Academic Title

Queer studies is an extensive field that spans a range of disciplines. This volume focuses on education and educational research and examines and expounds upon queer studies particular to education fields. It works to examine concepts, theories, and methods related to queer studies across PK-12, higher education, adult education, and informal learning.

The volume takes an intentionally intersectional approach, with particular attention to the intersections of white supremacist cisheteropatriachy. It includes well-established concepts with accessible and entry-level explanations, as well as emerging and cutting-edge concepts in the field. It is designed to be used by those new to queer studies as well as those with established expertise in the field.

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Kamden Strunk, Ph.D. (2012), Oklahoma State University, is an Associate Professor of Educational Research at Auburn University. His research focuses on sexual, gender, and racial identities in education, especially higher education, and quantitative methods.

Stephanie Anne Shelton, Ph.D. (2016), The University of Georgia, is an Associate Professor of Qualitative Research at The University of Alabama. Her research examines LGBTQ+ topics in K-12 and higher education, and queer theories in relation to qualitative research methodologies.
“Overall, this reference work represents an important contribution to LGBTQ studies and educational studies scholarship. […] In fact, this encyclopedia should be made widely available to every public school teacher and required for student educators in teacher-training programs.” A.J. Ramirez, Valdosta State University, in CHOICE connect | Vol. 60 (2022), n.p.
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1 Introduction
Kamden K. Strunk and Stephanie Anne Shelton
2 Abolitionist Teaching
Jenell Igeleke Penn
3 Affect
Mark E. Helmsing
4 AIDS Activism
J. Michael Denton
5 Allies and Allyship
S. Adam Crawley
6 Allonormativity and Compulsory Sexuality
Amanda L. Mollet and Brian Lackman
7 Androgyny
Kate E. Kedley
8 Antiblackness
Romeo Jackson, Zachary Brown and Brenda Anderson Wadley
9 Antidiscrimination Laws and Policies
Nicholas Catania
10 Asexuality & Asexuality Studies
Amanda L. Mollet
11 Ballroom Culture
Steve D. Mobley, Jr. and Quortne R. Hutchings
12 Biological Essentialism
Kamden K. Strunk
13 Bisexuality and Bisexuality Studies
Kaity Prieto
14 Bullying
Whitney Neumeyer Roach and Elissa Bryant
15 Calling In/Calling Out
Dianna (D) Tejada
16 Campus Activism
Rob Loren Hill
17 Campus Climate (College & University)
Allison BrckaLorenz
18 Chicana Feminism
José Manuel Santillana Blanco
19 Cisheteropatriarchy
Kody Muncaster
20 Cisheterosexism
Esteban Francisco López Medina
21 The Closet
Christian George Gregory
22 Community Colleges and LGBTQ+ Professionals
Ángel de Jesus Gonzalez
23 Community Colleges and LGBTQ Students
Ángel de Jesus Gonzalez
24 Compulsory Heterogenderism
Quortne R. Hutchings and Arli Mohamed
25 Compulsory Heterosexuality
Robert Bittner
26 Confession
Kevin J. Burke
27 Conversion Therapy
Chris Babits
28 Corporeality
A. Longoria
29 Critical Content Analysis
S. Adam Crawley
30 Curriculum Inclusive of Sexual and Gender Diversity
Ryan Schey
31 Decolonizing Approaches
Roland Sintos Coloma
32 Disidentification
Addie Shrodes
33 Drag and Drag Studies
Christopher (Doza) Mendoza
34 Educational Research and Queer Issues in K-12 Schools
Mollie V. Blackburn and Joselyn L. Parker
35 Equity vs. Equality
Andrés Castro Samayoa
36 Exclusion and Removal in School Discipline
Hannah Carson Baggett and Carey E. Andrzejewski
37 Gender Binary
Kate E. Kedley
38 Gender/Gender Identity/Gender Expression
Adam W.J. Davies and Rhea Ashley Hoskin
39 Gender-Affirming Care
Tae Min Suh
40 Gender-Based Microaggressions
Bri Sérráno, Romeo Jackson and Kari J. Dockendorff
41 Gender-Complex Education
Dana M. Stachowiak
42 Genderbashing
Kit Emslie
43 Genderism
Eli Kean
44 Genderqueer
Dana M. Stachowiak
Caitlin L. Ryan
46 Go-Along Interviews
Sam Stiegler
47 GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances or Gender-Sexuality Alliances)
Susan W. Woolley
48 Hegemonic Masculinity
Scott Ritchie
49 Hegemony
Addie Shrodes
50 Heteronormativity
Sara Staley
51 Heteropatriarchy
Jacob Kelley and Andrea Arce-Trigatti
52 Heterosexism
Sohini Chatterjee
53 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Steve D. Mobley, Jr.
54 HIV/AIDS in the United States
J. Michael Denton
55 Homonationalism
Kody Muncaster
56 Homonormativity
Matthew Archer
57 Hookup Culture
Nicholas Francis Havey
58 Identity Politics
Jaime S. Miller
59 Inclusion
April M. Jones
60 Intersectionality
Antonio Duran
61 Intersex
Shelly Melchior
62 It Gets Better
Thomas Crisp
63 Jotería Pedagogy
Sergio A. Gonzalez
64 Jotería Studies
Arturo Cortez and José Ramón Lizárraga
65 Kinsey Scale
Kamden K. Strunk
66 Latinx
Sergio A. Gonzalez
67 Lavender Scares/Queer Purges
Karen Graves
68 LGBQ Faculty (Postsecondary)
Olivia M. Copeland, Jodi L. Linley and David J. Nguyen
69 LGBQ K-12 Students
Derek A. Hutchinson and Steven H. White
70 LGBQ K-12 Teachers
Mollie V. Blackburn and Joselyn L. Parker
71 LGBQ Postsecondary Students
Kristen A. Renn
72 LGBQ Teacher Induction
Summer Davis
73 LGBTQ Education Research (Postsecondary)
Kristen A. Renn
74 LGBTQ Homelessness
Jarrett T. Gupton
75 LGBTQ+ Campus Resource Centers
Meg E. Evans
76 Liminality
Shelly Melchior
77 Marxism and Marxist Theories of Gender and Sexuality
Kit Emslie
78 Matrix of Intelligibility
Kathleen Emily Hurlock
79 Monosexism
Kaity Prieto
80 Nepantla Theory
Lobat Asadi
81 Neuroqueer
Monica C. Kleekamp
82 No Promo Homo Laws
Randy Fair
83 Outness and Coming Out
Leia K. Cain
84 Panopticon
W. Boden Robertson
85 Paranoid and Reparative Reading
S. Adam Crawley
86 Parents and Parental Involvement
Heidi Lyn Hadley
87 Performativity
Jonathan M. Coker
88 Political Organizing
Travis H. Olson
89 Poststructuralism
William Terrell Wright and Maverick Y. Zhang
90 Pride Festivals and Parades
Amy Keating
91 Pronouns
Robin Sudanan Turner
92 Psychoanalytic Theory
Kathleen Emily Hurlock
93 Psychological Identity Development Models
Kamden K. Strunk and Hyun Sung Jang
94 Quare Theory
Raphael D. Coleman and Darris R. Means
95 Queer
Jessica A. Weise
96 Queer Archives
Roland Sintos Coloma
97 Queer Children’s Literature
Jill M. Hermann-Wilmarth
98 Queer Composing
Ryan Schey
99 Queer Critical Theories
Esteban Francisco López Medina
100 Queer Ecology
Carlson H. Coogler
101 Queer Ethnography
Stephanie Anne Shelton
102 Queer Futurity
Mark E. Helmsing
103 Queer Indigenous Studies
Marcos de R. Antuna
104 Queer Literacies
Jon M. Wargo
105 Queer of Color Critique
Durell M. Callier
106 Queer Pedagogy
Summer Melody Pennell
107 Queer Phenomenology
Travis L. Wagner
108 Queer Qualitative Research
Stephanie Anne Shelton
109 Queer Quantitative Research
Cindy Ann Kilgo
110 Queer Reading
S. Adam Crawley
111 Queer Studies of (Dis)Ability
Adam W. J. Davies and Rsha Soud
112 Queer Survey Methodologies
Jason C. Garvey
113 Queer Theory
Summer Melody Pennell
114 Queer Worldmaking
Karen Zaino
115 Queer Young Adult Literature
Caroline T. Clark and Josh D. Williams
116 Queering Mixed Methods Research
Peggy Shannon-Baker
117 Religion
Heidi Lyn Hadley
118 Resilience and Queer People
Aldo M. Barrita and Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt
119 Restorying
James Joshua Coleman
120 Rurality and LGBTQ+ Youth
Meg Thomas
121 Safe Spaces and Safe Zone Trainings
Eli Kean and Patrick C. Skrivan
122 School and Public Libraries
Jamie Campbell Naidoo and Kaitlyn Lynch
123 School Climate (K-12)
Darla Linville
124 Self-Authorship
Gabriel Rodríguez Lemus, Jr. and Roberto C. Orozco
125 Settler Colonialism
Charlie Amáyá Scott (Diné) and Romeo Jackson
126 Sex (as Assigned at Birth)
Kate E. Kedley
127 Sexual Education and Queerness
Adam W.J. Davies and Ruth Neustifter
128 Sexual Identity
Payton D. Hoover
129 Sexual Orientation Microaggressions
Eric J. Van Giessen and Michael R. Woodford
130 Sexual Violence
Susan B. Marine
131 Sexualization
Rachel Brooks, Nathan Caballero and Whitney Neumeyer Roach
132 Social Media and Queerness
Justin A. Gutzwa
133 Standpoint Theory
Lucy E. Bailey
134 Student Development Theory
Antonio Duran
135 Teacher Education and Queerness
J.B. Mayo, Jr.
136 Trans* Ethnic Studies
Omi Salas-SantaCruz
137 Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs)
Justin A. Gutzwa
138 Trans Faculty (Postsecondary)
Mel Kutner
139 Trans K-12 Teachers
Mario I. Suárez
140 Trans Postsecondary Students
Jesse Wiley and Kathleen Clarke
141 Trans Studies in Education
Omi Salas-SantaCruz
142 Transgender K-12 Students
Melinda M. Mangin
143 Transnormativity
Romeo Jackson
144 Transphobia/Transmisogyny
Aryah O.S. Lester
145 Trauma and Trauma Stewardship
Chelsea Elizabeth Gilbert
146 Two Spirit
J.B. Mayo, Jr.
147 Undocuqueer
Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola and Jesús Cisneros
148 Visibility
Ethan Trinh
149 Vocal Pedagogy
Jessye DeSilva
150 Whiteness in Queer Studies
Andrea M. Hawkman
151 Womanism
Kiara S. Summerville
152 Women of Color Feminisms
José Manuel Santillana Blanco

Notes on Contributors
This volume is directed to anyone interested in queer studies, trans studies, LGBTQ studies, and gender and sexuality studies in education. It is meant to be useful to those ranging from novice to expert in the field.
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