Re/humanizing Education


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Teaching and learning are profoundly personal experiences, yet systems of education often prioritize agendas that alienate people rather than engage them. Reconceptualizing teaching and learning as a co-constructed praxis places individuals at the heart of education and, in so doing, regards knowledge acquisition as a process of understanding that is dynamically and personally negotiated at the intersection of self, subject, and relationality. This approach, at once pedagogical and practical, has the capacity to transform the classroom from a place of containment to one of expansiveness. Through critical, qualitative, creative, and arts-integrated approaches, this collection aims to explore the co-curricular capacity of lived experience to re/humanize education.

This is a timely project given the multiple race, health, environmental, and socio-political crises playing out on the world stage. Contributions include works by authors who explore: co-curricular inclusion of lived experience for its potential to create more equitable and representative curricula; co-curricular capacity of lived experience to advance relationality, both human and more than human; and co-curricular potential of lived experience to un/privilege the current prioritization of the quantifiable in favour of more inclusive and holistic epistemologies.

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Ellyn Lyle, Ph.D. (2011), is Dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University. The use of critical and reflexive methodologies shape explorations within the following areas: teacher and learner identity; praxis and practitioner development; and lived and living curriculum. This is her tenth book.
Connie Blomgren
Notes on Contributors

1 Nesting with/in the Bloom
Ellyn Lyle and Celeste Snowber
2 (Re)storying Education
Kathryn Crawford, Joshua Hill, Dani Dykema, Evan Hiltermann, Hailey Tata and Jon Wong
3 Empty Courtyards
Sepideh Mahani
4 Being and Becoming Human in Higher Education: A Co-Autoethnographic Inquiry
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Daisy Pillay and Inbanathan Naicker
5 Preciousness and Duty: Thoughts on the Pedagogy of Expansive Containment
David W. Jardine
6 On the Condition of Being Human: Holistic and Relational Curricular and Pedagogical Thinking
Shannon Leddy
7 Photo Walks to Re/humanize Education
Christine L. Cho, Julie K. Corkett and Olivia Pitcher
8 Healing the School(ed) Girl Within: Toward a Deschooled Currere for Becoming Teacher Educators
Chelsea Thomas
9 Refusing to Hide the Ragged Edges: Toward a Humanized Curriculum of Wide-Awakeness
Momina Khan
10 Bitter Toughness Meets Fierce Love: Reflections on a Project with Teen Mothers
Kathryn Ricketts, Esther Maeers and Riley Munro
11 Articulating an Arts-Based Language Pedagogy
Adriana Oniță
12 Unpacking the Equity Backpack Project: Implications for Rehumanizing Education
Awneet Sivia, Nerlap Kaur Sidhu and Ian Levings
13 Re/spiriting Education: Fostering Flourishing through W(h)olism
Paula Rosehart and Ramona Elke
14 “Who Feels It Knows It”: Black Mothers’ Resistance of Anti-Black Racism in North American K–12 Schools
Michelle Grace-Williams
15 Participatory Theatre: Towards Humane Encounters in Education and Professional Development
Joe Norris, Kevin Hobbs, Michael Martin Metz, Valerie Michaelson and Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy
16 Re/humanizing Language Teacher Education: A Muralization Project
Andrés Valencia
17 Homeland of the Métis Nation: A Critical Inquiry into the Hidden Curriculum at Winnipeg’s Upper Fort Garry
Katya Adamov Ferguson
18 Representation Matters: Creating a Sense of Belonging in Early Childhood Studies
Nidhi Menon
19 Finding Humanity, Finding Ourselves: How Our Critical Friendship Reignited Our Desire for Futures in Academia
Vusi Msiza, Nosipho Mbatha and Nokukhanya Ndlovu
20 Curriculum-Making through a Mural Mile: Narrating a Social History
Rita Forte
21 Rehumanizing the Heart
Kimberley Holmes

Professors of education will find this a valuable resource for teacher education courses such as Curriculum Studies, Reflective Practice, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching Methods, Current Issues in Education, and Collaborative Inquiry.
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