Crusaders and Muslims in Twelfth-Century Syria


This volume brings together papers by Crusades' experts from England, France, Canada and the United States discussing the confrontation between the Franks and Muslims in twelfth-century Syria, balancing the traditional European view with an Islamic perspective. Each author's individual contribution lies in the new ideas and insights to a particular topic such as new interpretations in Crusade studies, Latin jurists in the Levant, the Italian colonies, propagation of violence and propaganda, the role of individual popes, the impact on Islamic society as reflected in literature, religious propaganda, and diplomatic relations.

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Maya Shatzmiller, Ph.D. (1974) in Islamic history, Université de Provence, is Associate Professor of History at the University of Western Ontario. She has published extensively on Islamic medieval social, intellectual, and economic history, including L'historiographie mérinide. Ibn Khaldūn et ses contemporains (Brill, 1982).
' important addition to the corpus of crusade scholarship.'
Peter Jackson, The International History Review, 1994.
'...the papers in this volume collectively provide a series of interesting, even provocative, insights into the events and attitudes on both sides of the twelfth-century AD conflict between Christian-European and Arab Muslim.'
Matthew S. Gordon, MESA Bulletin, 1994.
' y a la croisade des bulles pontificales et celle des chartres de donation!'
Jacques Bousquet, Revue Historique.
'Overall this is a good collection and its bringing together of different subjects areas and research techniques works well.'
Marcus Bull, Reviews and Short Notices, 1995.
Preface -- Maya Shatzmiller

1. History, the Crusades and the Latin East, 1095-1204: A Personal View -- Jonathan Riley-Smith 1
2. Latin Jurists in the Levant: The Legal Elite of the Crusader States -- James A. Brundage 18
3. Communes italiennes, pouvoir et habitants des Etats Francs de Syrie-Palestine au XIIe siecle -- Michel Balard 43
4. The Lord's War as the Proving Ground of Faith: Pope Innocent III and the Propagation of Violence (1198-1216) -- John Gilchrist 65
5. 'O God, the heathen have come into your inheritance' (Ps. 78.1): The Theme of Religious Pollution in Crusade Documents, 1095-1188 -- Penny Cole 84
6. Alexander III and the Jerusalem Crusade: An Overview of Problems and Failures -- John G. Rowe 112
7. Imad al-Din al-Isfahani: Administrator, Litterateur and Historian -- Donald S. Richards 133
8. The Crusading Stratum in the Arabic Hero Cycles -- Malcolm C. Lyons 147
9. The Reaction of the Syrian Muslims after the Foundation of the first Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem -- Nikita Elisseeff 162
10. Propaganda and Faction in the Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Background to Hattin -- Peter W. Edbury 173
11. Diplomatic Relations Between Muslim and Frankish Rulers 1097-1153 A.D. -- Hadia Dajani-Shakeel 190

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Bibliography 217
Index 233
all those interested in the medieval history of Europe and the Middle East, the history of the Church, and canon law, historians and students of the Crusades, and all academic libraries, whose history departments teach medieval history.
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