Language Matters in Higher Education Contexts

Policy and Practice


This book highlights that language matters permeate all areas of higher education and that language matters for everyone involved in academic institutions: in policy, in teaching and learning, in administration, in research and in leadership. The chapters in this volume address national, institutional and local levels, and range from legal texts to students’ and teachers’ stories across disciplines. It provides a useful picture for all those who work in the various fields of higher education.

Contributors are: Britt-Marie Apelgren, Tove Bull, Josep Maria Cots, Ann-Marie Eriksson, Sylva Frisk, Lídia Gallego-Balsà, Peter Garrett, Linnea Hanell, Luke Holmes, Niina Hynninen, Kathrin Kaufhold, Maria Kuteeva, Ragnhild Ljosland, Heidi Rontu, Taina Saarinen, Linus Salö and Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi.

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Britt-Marie Apelgren, Ph.D. (2000), Reading University, is Professor of Language Education at University of Gothenburg. The focus of her research, publication and teaching is language education and policy, doctoral education and higher education leadership. She has co-edited Transformative Teacher Research (Sense, 2015).

Ann-Marie Eriksson, Ph.D. (2014), is Senior Lecturer at University of Gothenburg. Her research concerns institutionalized forms of text production, e.g. in academic writing support, with a focus on language and communication as interactional, responsive practice.

Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi, Ph.D. (2019), is Senior Lecturer of Educational Work in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at University of Borås, focussing educational development and academic writing. Her research concerns higher education (language) policy and practice, and distance education.

Britt-Marie Apelgren, University of Gothenburg
Pamela Burnard, University of Cambridge
Nese Cabaroglu, Cukurova Universites
Pamela M. Denicolo, University of Reading

Founding Editor:

Pamela M. Denicolo, University of Reading
Michael Kompf†, Brock University
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1 Introduction: Language Matters in European Higher Education
Britt-Marie Apelgren, Ann-Marie Eriksson and Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi

PART 1: Language Matters and the Concept of Internationalisation

2 What’s in a Name? The Concept of ‘Internationalisation’
Tove Bull

PART 2: Language Matters Affecting Academic Life

3 Internationalisation of Universities and Minority Languages: Language Policy Tensions in Catalonia, Wales and the Basque Autonomous Community
Lídia Gallego-Balsà, Josep M. Cots and Peter Garrett
4 What about Swedish? Internationalisation, Societal Responsibility and National Languages in Finnish Higher Education
Taina Saarinen and Heidi Rontu
5 Nordic Universities at the Crossroads: Societal Responsibility, Language Perceptions, and Policies
Maria Kuteeva, Kathrin Kaufhold and Niina Hynninen

PART 3: Language Matters at Institutional Level

6 Legitimising Language Choice: Website Communication and Language Policy at Swedish Universities
Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi
7 Language Assets, Scientific Prestige, and Academic Power: The Efficacy of National Linguistic Capital in Internationalising Career Trajectories
Linus Salö, Luke Holmes and Linnea Hanell
8 What Is the Problem of Plagiarism Represented toBe? Plagiarism as Matters of Language in Higher Education Policy and Practice
Ann-Marie Eriksson and Sylva Frisk
Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi
9 Scots and Nynorsk: A Comparison of Two Language Movements’ Struggle for Recognition in Higher Education
Ragnhild Ljosland
10 Epilogue: The Intricate Weave of Language Policy and Practice
Ann-Marie Eriksson, Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi and Britt-Marie Apelgren

All interested in language issues and policy in higher education, as well as for all those who work in various fields of higher education: leaders, teachers, researchers and administrative staff.
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