The Finality of the Gospel

Karl Barth and the Tasks of Eschatology


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In this volume, leading systematic theologians and New Testament scholars working today undertake a fresh and constructive interdisciplinary engagement with key eschatological themes in Christian theology in close conversation with the work of Karl Barth. Ranging from close exegetical studies of Barth’s treatment of eschatological themes in his commentary on Romans or lectures on 1 Corinthians, to examination of his mature dogmatic discussions of death and evil, this volume offers a fascinating variety of insights into both Barth’s theology and its legacy, as well as the eschatological dimensions of the biblical witness and its salience for both the academy and church.

Contributors are: John M. G. Barclay, Douglas Campbell, Christophe Chalamet, Kaitlyn Dugan, Nancy J. Duff, Susan Eastman, Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Grant Macaskill, Kenneth Oakes, Christoph Schwöbel Christiane Tietz, Philip G. Ziegler.

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Kaitlyn Dugan, Ph.D. (2022, Aberdeen), is Managing Director of the Center for Barth Studies, Princeton Theological Seminary. Her dissertation develops a systematic theology of death informed by and in conversation with both New Testament Pauline apocalyptic and Karl Barth.

Philip G. Ziegler, Th.D. (2002, Toronto) is Professor of Christian Dogmatics at the University of Aberdeen. Researching and writing in the field of modern theology, his publications include Militant Grace: The Apocalyptic Turn and the Future of Christian Theology (Baker, 2018).

Kaitlyn Dugan and Philip G. Ziegler

1 The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning? Barth’s Eschatology as a Guide to the Perplexed
Christoph Schwöbel

2 Eschatology and Gospel in the Time of Expectation
Kenneth Oakes

3 The Custody of Hope—The Resurrection of the Dead and Christian Existence
Susan Eastman

4 “The Day Is at Hand”—Barth’s Interpretation of Pauline Eschatology in the Römerbrief
John M.G. Barclay

5 The Idolatrous Self and the Eikon—The Possibility of True Worship
Grant Macaskill

6 The Finality of the Gospel—Barth’s Römerbrief  on Romans 9–11
Beverly Roberts Gaventa

7 Paul’s Account of the Future: A Case Study in Pauline Dogmatics
Douglas A. Campbell

8 Redemption of This World—Reflections on Eschatology in Light of Barth’s Dogmatic Lectures in Münster (1925–1926)
Christophe Chalamet

9 “Standing on the Boundary, Where Now and Yet Then Touch Each Other”—Barth on Theodicy and Eschatology
Christiane Tietz

10 The Ethics of Resisting and Accepting Death in Karl Barth’s Theology
Nancy J. Duff

11 The First and Final “No”—The Finality of the Gospel and the Old Enemy
Philip G. Ziegler

This book will be of particular interest and value to university students at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate), specialist researchers, university instructors and academics, pastors and practitioners of Christian ministry. The most relevant subject areas are theology, biblical hermeneutics, and New Testament studies, religious studies, and philosophy of religion.
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