Somaesthetics and Sport


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Somaesthetics and Sport brings together a diverse set of explorations into the embodied experience of watching and playing sport. Sport can at once be a source of sensual beauty and pleasure, and also of pain and anguish; spectators can both celebrate and glorify athletes, but also expect certain forms of behaviour, and intentionally or otherwise police the movements of their bodies; sport and physical exercise can improve our health and increase the self-awareness of our abilities and limitations, but they also help us to shape our sense of what it means to live a good life. 

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Andrew Edgar is Reader Emeritus at Cardiff University and an honorary staff member of Swansea University’s School of Sport Science.  He edits the journal Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, and is the author of Sport and Art (2014).
“The ten essays collected in Somaesthetics and Sport, edited by Andrew Edgar and published as part of Brill’s book series Studies in Somaesthetics, show us the many ways the interdisciplinary project of somaesthetics can inspire and reinvigorate the aesthetics of sport... Somaesthetics and Sport is a multifaceted collection of essays: Shusterman’s theoretical framework is robust enough to lend unity to the volume, but it mostly functions as a springboard for the individual papers, never suffocating their theoretical explorations or making the book repetitive or a boring read. The ten essays also communicate with one another through certain recurring notions” - Botond Csuka, in: Journal of the Philosophy of Sport (29 January 2023)
Notes on Contributors

  Andrew Edgar

1 A Dove in Flight Metaphysical Shackles, Transformative Soaring, and Sportive Somaesthetics
  Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza

2 Somaesthetics and Sport?
  Graham McFee

3 Sport and the Body An Aesthetic Inquiry
  William J. Morgan

4 Changing Perceptions of Beautiful Bodies The Athletic Agency Model
  Peg Brand Weiser

5 The Sachin Mandala Somaesthetic Construction of a Cricket Legend
  Vinod Balakrishnan

6 Somaesthetics of the Grunt Policing Femininity in the Soundscapes of Women’s Professional Tennis
  Anita Stahl

7 Somatic Reflection during Skilled Action
  John Toner and Barbara Gail Montero

8 Yoga as World Literature Somaesthetic Ekphrasis and (Mis)Translation
  Claire Solomon

9 Difficult Activities – Difficult Experiences
  Matti Tainio

10 Sport and Pain
  Andrew Edgar


Undergraduate and graduate students, and academics with interests in the philosophy of sport, sport science, and philosophical aesthetics, and Richard Shusterman’s project of somaesthetics.
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