Retranslation and Reception

Studies in a European Context


This is the first complete study of the relationship between Retranslation and Reception. Although many translation scholars have cited Reception Theory in their work, this is the first systematic study of its relationship to Retranslation. The book starts from the hypothesis that frequent retranslations of the same literary text into the same language may be indicative of its impact in the target culture. The volume encompasses both theory and practical analysis of Retranslation and Reception as mutually dependent concepts. The sixteen chapters relate the translations analysed to their socio-historical contexts in order to assess the impact that they have had on the target culture in terms of the reception of the authors studied, and also explore the relationship that may exist between the appearance of new translations and historical, social or cultural changes.

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Susanne M. Cadera is a Professor of Translation Studies (German, Spanish, English) at Comillas University in Madrid. She obtained her PhD at the University of Cologne (Germany) in 2001. She has participated in several research projects in literary translation, her main area of publication.

Andrew Samuel Walsh is an Associate Professor of Translation Studies at Comillas University Madrid and holds a a PhD in Spanish Philology from the University of Granada (Spain). His most recent book is Lorca in English. A History of Manipulation through Translation (2020).
The Approaches-series follows the developments of contemporary translation studies from its real beginnings in the 1970s up to the present day. It does so in a completely open and free manner, with full attention to the many aspects of a phenomenon that is a barometer both for the contacts in our own society and those with other societies – as well as for how people think, talk and act interculturally, in good times and in bad times.
Ton Naaijkens, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
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1 Retranslation and Reception – a Theoretical Overview
Susanne M. Cadera and Andrew Samuel Walsh

Part 1: Literary Canon and Retranslation

2 Non-retranslation as a Special Case of (Non?-)Reception
Piet Van Poucke

3 Retranslation and Online Reader Response: Le Petit Prince in Turkey in the Twenty-First Century
Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar

4 Canonical Translation and Retranslation. The Example of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in Spain
Susanne M. Cadera

5 Hendrik Conscience’s The Poor Gentleman and Its Italian Retranslations
Roberto Dagnino

Part 2: (Re)translation and (Self-) Censorship

6 Translation and Self-Censorship in Gerald Brenan’s The Face of Spain
Andrew Samuel Walsh

7 (Re) Translating Goethe into Catalan
Montserrat Franquesa Gòdia

8 (Re)translation of Sex-Related Language in the Spanish Versions of J’irai cracher sur vos tombes by Boris Vian
Xavier Bocquier

Part 3: Rewriting, Reprinting and Retranslation

9 Dopo il divorzio by Grazia Deledda: Reception, Rewriting, Retranslation
Helena Lozano Miralles

10 Drama Retranslation in Distinct Socio-Political Contexts: Accommodating Lope De Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna for the British Stage
Jorge Braga Riera

11 Retranslations and Their Reception in Context
Adrienn Gulyás

12 The Reception of La coscienza di Zeno (Italo Svevo) in the Spanish Versions of Carlos Manzano (1981–2012). Between Revision and Retranslation
José Luis Aja

Part 4: Retitling in Retranslation

13 Good-for-Nothing, Idler or Vagabond? The Spanish Fortunes of Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts by Joseph von Eichendorff
Andrea Schäpers

14 Retranslation of Mario Vargas Llosa’s Bildungsroman La tía Julia y el escribidor: Relaunching and Retitling as a Case in Point
Claudia Cabezón Doty

Part 5: Modernizing Retranslations

15 Translating and Retranslating Lobo Antunes: On Both of the English Renditions of Os Cus de Judas
Marisa Mourinha

16 Characterizing Daisy Buchanan in Retranslations of The Great Gatsby: Translator Behavior and Reader Reception
Katinka Zeven and Aletta G. Dorst

Researchers in Translation Studies, Linguistics, Reception Studies, Translation and Literary Studies, and literary translators.
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