Fluxus as a Network of Friends, Strangers, and Things

The Agency of Chance Collaborations


At the same time whimsical and thought-provoking, Fluxus explored everyday life as an object of art. Behind mundane materials and activities, we find a large network of Fluxus artists who worked together for decades to create and share their art. This publication builds on archival materials that expose the nature of the artists’ working relationships, and methods for collaboration and circulation of artworks. It traces both people and things, exploring how the network expanded and was made solid, from Fluxus’s conception in the 1960s, to the 1990s, when it had eventually left its stealth flight under art history’s radar.

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Magdalena Holdar, Ph.D. (1970), Stockholm University, is Senior Lecturer in Art History and Curatorial Studies. She has published articles on performance and exhibitions, and co-edited the anthology on intermedia The Power of the In-Between (2018).
Scholars of modern and contemporary art history (20th-21st centuries) who are interested in Fluxus, happenings, new music, and performance art, the international avant-garde and neo-avant-gardes, intermedia, new media, mail art, artists’ books, and transnationalism in arts and culture. Instructors could assign the book in advanced lecture courses and seminars. It would also be of interest to artists in related fields.
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