At the Sources of the Twentieth-Century Analytical Movement

Kazimierz Twardowski and His Position in European Philosophy


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The volume contains works showing the comprehensive contribution of Kazimierz Twardowski, the founder of the Lvov-Warsaw School, to the European analytical movement.
The readers of the volume will learn, among other things, how the theoretically fertile distinction between act and product introduced by Twardowski turned out to be.
Furthermore, this volume illustrates the importance of Twardowski’s defense of alethic absolutism.
Finally, readers will learn about the conceptual tools developed by Twardowski, enabling the explanation of the phenomenon of still lingering prejudices, as well as Twardowski’s conception of rationality, and about his attitude towards formal and informal logic, as well as logical education.
An undoubted novelty of the volume is that it provides a kind of parametrization of Twardowski’s continuously increasing position in global philosophy by referring to the complete bibliography of works by and on Twardowski in European languages (other than his native language) up until 2020.

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Anna Brożek, Ph.D. (2006), University of Warsaw, professor of philosophy; the author of over 10 books, including Theory of Questions (Rodopi, 2011) and Kazimierz Twardowski. Die Wiener Jahre (Springer, 2011), and several dozen of articles from the domain of logical semiotics, methodology, and philosophy of music.

Jacek Jadacki, Ph.D. (1977), University of Warsaw, professor emeritus, the author of many books, among others: From the Viewpoint of the Lvov-Warsaw School (Rodopi, 2003) and Stanisław Leśniewski: Genius of Logic (Epigram, 2020), and a few hundred papers of various domains of philosophy.

Opening Word
  Varieties of Scientific Philosophy From Modest Proposals to Implausible Conceptions
  Tadeusz Szubka

part 1
Philosophy and Humanities
1 Judgement and Inference The Relevance of Twardowski’s Distinction between Actions and Products for Philosophy
  Maria van der Schaar

2 Twardowski’s Action/Product Distinction and Philosophy
  Jan Woleński

part 2
3 The Influence of Twardowski’s Distinction between Actions and Products on Ingarden’s Act-Based Conception of Meaning
  Sébastien Richard

4 Twardowski’s Psychologism and the Ontology of Truth
  Dariusz Łukasiewicz

part 3
Intentionality and Persistence
5 Idiogenetic Theory of Emotions
  Arkadiusz Chrudzimski

6 Czeżowski et al. on Persistence
  Mariusz Grygianiec

part 4
Truth and Usefulness
7 Absoluteness of Truth and the Lvov-Warsaw School Twardowski, Kotarbiński, Leśniewski, Łukasiewicz, Tarski, Kokoszyńska
  Jan Woleński

8 Pragmatism and Pragmatic Motives in the Lvov-Warsaw School
  Anna Brożek

part 5
9 Why Totally Unjustified Convictions Persist? Twardowski on the Nature of Prejudice
  Johannes L. Brandl

10 Twardowski and the Rationality of Beliefs
  Ryszard Kleszcz

part 6
Logic and Education
11 Formal and Informal Logic in the Lvov-Warsaw School as a Heritage of Twardowski
  Anna Brożek

12 For Logical Education The Resonance of Twardowski’s Ideas in the Views of Selected Members of the Lvov-Warsaw School
  Marcin Będkowski

Closing Word
   Twardowski in Poland and in the World
  Anna Brożek and Jacek Jadacki

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