Dynamics of Islam in the Modern World

Essays in Honor of Jamal Malik


Dynamics of Islam in the Modern World scrutinizes and analyzes Islam in context. It posits Muslims not as independent and autonomous, but as relational and interactive agents of change and continuity who interplay with Islamic(ate) sources of self and society as well as with resources from other traditions. Representing multiple disciplinary approaches, the contributors to this volume discuss a broad range of issues, such as secularization, colonialism, globalization, radicalism, human rights, migration, hermeneutics, mysticism, religious normativity and pluralism, while paying special attention to three geographical settings of South Asia, the Middle East and Euro-America.

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Saeed Zarrabi-Zadeh, Ph.D. (2013), is a habilitated lecturer of Islamic Studies at the University of Erfurt, Germany. His publications on Islamic Studies, Sufism and comparative mysticism include Practical Mysticism in Islam and Christianity (Routledge, 2016) and Sufism East and West (Brill, 2019; co-edited with Jamal Malik).

Armina Omerika, Ph.D. (2009), is Professor of Intellectual History of Islam at the Goethe University Frankfurt. She has published widely on the history of modern Islam, including Islam in Bosnien-Herzegowina und die Netzwerke der Jungmuslime, 1918-1983 (Harrasowitz, 2014).

Thomas K. Gugler, Ph.D. (2011), University of Erfurt, is a member of the Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam (FFGI) at Goethe University. His monographs include Mission Medina (Ergon, 2011) and Ozeanisches Gefühl der Unsterblichkeit (LIT, 2009).

Michael E. Asbury, Ph.D. (2021), University of Erfurt, completed his doctoral studies at the Chair of Muslim Cultural and Religious History. His dissertation is entitled Seeing with the Heart: The Mysticism of an Islamic Sufi Lineage from India in the West.
‘The multiple engagements of Islam—Muslim actors and texts, collectivities and institutions—within the folds of modernity are boldly charted in this book. It is a volume that all will welcome.’
Bruce B. Lawrence, Duke University

‘This collection of essays is an important and welcome contribution to scholarship on the dynamic forces that shape the ways in which contemporary Muslim communities interpret and engage with Islam. Multidisciplinary in its approaches, it examines, through case studies from South Asia, the Middle East and Euro-America, the impact of Western hegemony as well as ideologies such as secularism, scientism and nationalism on modern Muslim thought, practices and institutions.’
Ali S. Asani, Harvard University

‘This volume treats us to a kaleidoscopic prism refracting the tensions and richness through which Muslim life and Islamic ideas are weaved into the fabric of global society. Offering us multiple windows into the intellectual legacy of Jamal Malik, it diagnoses multiple historical aporias inherited by the global age we are living through, squeezed between the unrelenting surges of Western normative hubris and the epistemic fragility of dialogic openings.’
Armando Salvatore, McGill University
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Dynamics of Islam in the Modern World, Ali Altaf Mian

Part 1: Islam, Modernity and Science
1. Islam and the Global History of Secularity, Reinhard Schulze
2. Negotiating Modernity Through Constructions of History in Modern Muslim Religious Thought, Armina Omerika
3. Between Science and Mysticism: Sabir Multani and the Reform of Humoral Medicine in Pakistan, Stefan Reichmuth

Part 2: Islamic Activism and Radicalism
4. Peaceful and Militant Interpretations of Jihad: A Comparative Study of Contemporary South Asian Exegetes, Tariq Rahman
5. The Word of God for the Indian Muslim of Today: Abul Kalam Azad’s Tarjuman al-Qurʾan, Jan-Peter Hartung
6. Post-Migrant Dynamics of Islam: Muslim Youth and Salafism in Germany, David Yuzva Clement

Part 3: Islamic Normativity and Shariʿa
7. Islam and Human Rights: Breaks and Continuity in a Complex Debate, Mouez Khalfaoui
8. Islamic Law: The Struggle Against Time, Reik Kirchhof
9. Negotiating Everyday Lived Islam: A Case Study of Pakistani Diaspora in Canada, Syed FurrukhZad

Part 4: Islamic Mysticism and Globalization
10. Prophetic Descent in the Early Modern Tariqa Muhammadiyya Khalisa, Soraya Khodamoradi
11. Dynamics of Mystical Islam in the American Space: Ahmed Abdur Rashid’s “Applied Sufism”, Michael E. Asbury and Saeed Zarrabi-Zadeh
12. “Transplanted” Sufism: Complications of a Category, Marcia Hermansen

Part 5: Islamic Pluralism and Dialogue
13. Discourses of Tolerance and Dialogue in Contemporary Islam, Itzchak Weismann
14. Religious Pluralism and Religious Plurality in Pakistan, Hasnain Bokhari

Afterword: Dynamics of Islam in Context, Pnina Werbner

Honoring Jamal Malik
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Academics, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students interested in dynamics of religion, Islam in the modern period, and global history. Relevant subject areas include religious/Islamic studies, theology, sociology, history, anthropology, and cultural studies.
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