Anthology of Noonomy: Fourth Technological Revolution and Its Economic, Social and Humanitarian Consequences

Technology and Socio-economic Progress: Traps and Opportunities for the Future


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Anthology of Noonomy: Fourth Technological Revolution and Its Economic, Social and Humanitarian Consequences’ prepared by the international team of authors representing leading universities from different parts of the world, reveals various aspects of the theory of noonomy, developed by Professor S.Bodrunov. A positive assessment is given to the key provisions of this theory (the transition to knowledge-intensive production, the gradual socialisation of economy, the diffusion of property, the progress of solidarity relations, the removal of simulative needs and the progress of a culture). Much attention is paid to the global context of currently undergoing technological and socio-economic transformations, issues of political, economic and philosophical understanding of the theory of noonomy provisions.

Contributors are Sergey Glazyev, James Kenneth Galbraith, Oleg Smolin, Enfu Cheng, Siyang Gao, Alan Freeman, Andrey Kolganov, Jesús Pastor García Brigos, Anatoly Porokhovsky, Radhika Desai and Leo Gabriel.

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Sergey Bodrunov, Dr. Sc. Econ., Professor, President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Director of S.Y. Witte Institute for New Industrial Development, President of International Union of Economists, Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2 Noonomy, Globalization and the Pandemic
  James Kenneth Galbraith

3 Contradictions in Technological and Socio-economic Transformations The New Role of Knowledge on the Way towards Noonomy
  Oleg N. Smolin

4 Intelligence Economy as a Form of Noonomy and Its Economic and Social Impact
  Enfu Cheng and Siyang Gao

part 2
Development Strategy and Noonomy
5 Mental Objects as a Force of Production A Contribution to the Critique of Noonomy
  Alan Freeman

6 Predictive Potential of Noonomy to Justify the Development Strategy
  Andrey I. Kolganov

7 Science and Technologies Property and Public Progress through the Prism of the Cuban Experience
  Jesús Pastor García Brigos

part 3
Noonomy: Reflections of Political Economy
8 Noonomy and Geopolitical Economy Natural Allies
  Radhika Desai

9 Evolution of Political Economy Subject and Method at the Dawn of Digitalization
  Anatoly A. Porokhovsky

10 Noonomy in the Transition to a Post-capitalist Society Perspectives from the Global South
  Leo Gabriel

  Alexander Buzgalin


All interested in current technological, economic and socio-cultural transformations. It targets the general audience because its academically concise style is accessible to any educated person.
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