A Century of Italian War Narratives

Voices from the Sidelines

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This volume focuses on acts of courage, defiance, and sacrifice undertaken during World War I and II by individuals that mainstream history has relegated to the sidelines. Drawn from different genres – literary, cinematic, diaristic and historical – the experiences that these ‘outsiders’ confronted lay bare the intimate, if lacerating, choices that they faced in their struggle for freedom. Ignored by official history, the testimonials that war prisoners, female partisan leaders, spies, deserters, and disillusioned soldiers offer, provide a fresh insight into the social, political, historical, and ethical contradictions that define warfare rhetoric in the twentieth century. The book’s ten contributors delve into the conflicts between oppressive authorities and the desire for freedom. With verve and energy, they revive these largely neglected voices and turn them into a provocative medium to discuss, and redefine, issues still relevant today: heroism, pacifism, national pride, gender issues, faith, personal and collective history.

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Luigi Gussago is associate research fellow at La Trobe University, Melbourne. His research interests range from semiotics to translation theory and practice, ecocriticism, and comparative literature. He has published the volume Picaresque Fiction Today (|Brill|Rodopi), 2016).

Pina Palma teaches at Southern Connecticut State University. Her research focuses on medieval and renaissance literature, as well as on modern and contemporary female writers. She authored Savoring Power, Consuming the Times. The Metaphors of Food in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature (Notre Dame UP, 2013).
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Voices from the Sidelines

1 Tabucchi and the Antihero: Figures for a Historical, Existential and Symbolic Resistance
Veronica Frigeni
2 The Foibe War Narrative: The New Antiheroes of the ‘Second Republic’
Louise Zamparutti
3 Margherita Marchione as Antihero for Italian Jews: A Complex Message of Hope
Lisa Vitale
4 Unfit for War: Stories of Desertion in Italian Fiction; Dessì and Pellegrini
Luigi Gussago
5 “Non credo più alla Patria, all’eroismo, alle Sante Cause …”: The Journal of Donato Guglielmi, pow in Russia during ww2
Gianluca Cinelli
6 Partisan Diary: Ada’s Wars
Pina Palma
7 Notturno and the War: D’Annunzio’s Intimate Reflection on Heroism
Michela Barisonzi
8 Everyday Heroes: Italian Identity, Moral Dilemmas, and Nonviolence in a Late Antifascist Resistance Novel by Antonio Barolini
Andrea Sartori
9 An Antihero in Command: Soffici under the Orders of Captain Punzi
Enrico Riccardo Orlando
10 Between Epic and Anti-Epic: Observations on Italian Literature of the Great War
Tancredi Artico

This book will interest researchers and students, as well as non-academics, for its focus on literary, gender, feminist, socio-historical and political studies in Italian society during WWI and WWII.
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