The Making of a Mosque with Female Imams

Serendipities in the Production of Danish Islams


Author: Jesper Petersen
In the last decade a number of women-led mosques have emerged in Europe and North America. In The Making of a Mosque with Female Imams Jesper Petersen documents the serendipitous, yet predictable, emergence of the Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen. The study first demonstrates that individuals’ facing the unpredictable plays a decisive role in social processes. This leads to an investigation of how serendipities are erased when narratives are erected retrospectively in the form of commodified products, autobiographical narratives, and research. Furthermore, Petersen conceptualizes non-Muslims’ theological productions of Islam – Islam without the worship of Allah, so to speak – and demonstrates how this influences Muslim productions of Islam.

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Jesper Petersen, PhD (2020) is a Danish historian of religion specialized in Islamic studies, and a postdoctoral researcher at the Producing Sharia in Context project at Copenhagen University.
List of figures
Chapter 1: Entering the field
Chapter 2: Ethnographic methodology
Chapter 3: Muslims in Denmark
Chapter 4 Sherin Khankan
Chapter 5: The emergence of a religious demand
Chapter 6: The serendipitous spread of a story
Chapter 7: Planning the founding of Femimam
Chapter 8: The serendipitous emergence of an institution
Chapter 9: The pop-up mosque and its social media adhan
Chapter 10: The first Mariam Mosque
Chapter 11: Politicized and commodified narratives of Sherin Khankan
The book is written to accommodate for non-specialist readers, as well as specialists, primarily within Islamic studies, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, migration studies, and media studies. It is suited for post-graduate students and more advanced levels.