Sisters, Mothers, Daughters: Pentecostal Perspectives on Violence against Women


This volume explores issues and themes related to violence against women. It is distinctive in two ways. First, the editors have convened an international cohort of contributing scholars, whose assessment of the pervasiveness and urgency of the problems and their proposals for solutions derives from their pneumatology: their theology of the Holy Spirit. Second, this book represents quite simply the first sustained effort to bring together in one volume Pentecostal voices from a variety of academic disciplines, ecclesial traditions, and cultural situations to address the urgent issues associated with violence toward women.

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Kimberly Ervin Alexander, PhD (2003) Ramp School of Ministry; Honorary Research Fellow, Manchester Wesley Research Centre. She is the author of numerous works on Pentecostal spirituality, including Pentecostal Healing: Models of Pentecostal Theology (Deo/Brill 2006), and on Pentecostal women’s experience. Melissa L. Archer, Ph.D., Bangor (Wales) University (2014), is Professor of Biblical Studies at Southeastern University. She published I Was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day: A Pentecostal Engagement with Worship in the Apocalypse (CPT Press, 2015) and has chapters in Spirit and Story: Pentecostal Readings of Scripture (2020) and Grieving, Brooding, and Transforming: The Spirit, The Bible, and Gender (Brill, 2021). Mark J. Cartledge is the Principal of London School of Theology and Professor of Practical Theology. He is a priest in the Church of England who has served in a variety of educational contexts on three continents. He has studied Pentecostalism for many years. Publications include Megachurches and Social Engagement (Brill, 2019). Michael D. Palmer, Ph.D., Marquette University, is Professor of Philosophy at Regent University. He co-edited The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) as well as the two-volume work The Holy Spirit & Social Justice (Seymour Press, 2019).
"Sisters, Mothers, Daughters: Pentecostal Perspectives on Violence Against Women offers an excellent, scholarly, nuanced, thoughtful and compassionate portrayal of the interweaving of religion and abuse within the global Pentecostal community. While the chapters are written by different authors, they are of a consistently high quality, offering interesting, informative, and useful ways to engage readers and the broader public with the suffering that so many women experience. This book is a must read for every pastor and every theological student." - Nancy Nason-Clark, Professor Emerita, University of New Brunswick, author of many books including Intimate Partner Violence and Religion, and Men Who Batter.
Michael D. Palmer


Notes on Contributors

Notes on the Cover Image

  Catherine Holtmann

1 Pneumatology in the Time of #MeToo An Exploration of the Spirit’s Role in Suffering 13
  Cheryl M. Peterson

2 Toxic Spirituality Reexamining the Ways in Which Spiritual Virtues Can Reinforce Violence Against Women 33
  Lisa P. Stephenson

3 Nevertheless, She Persisted Freeing Women’s Bodies from Silent Theological Sacrifice Zones 49
  Tanya Riches

4 Shaming the Men into Keeping Up with the Ladies Constructing Pentecostal Masculinities 69
  Linda M. Ambrose

5 Speak to the Heart Orthopathic Hermeneutics and Telling the Whole Story of the Woman Cut into Pieces 86
  Casey S. Cole

6 Trouble in Paradise Exploring Gender Roles and Violence against Women in Song of Songs 5:2–8 104
  Jacqueline N. Grey

7 Miriam Toews’ Women Talking A Call for Artistic Prophethood 121
  Martin W. Mittelstadt

8 Shanghai Brothels, Spirit Baptisms The Door of Hope Women as a Source for Pentecostal Ressourcement 135
  Alex R. Mayfield

9 From Medical Kits to Fighting Rape as a Weapon of War The Development of Scandinavian Pentecostal Medical Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 154
  Tommy Davidsson and Rakel Ystebø Alegre

10 A Jesus Follower Responds To Sexualized Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 185
  Rory Randall

11 Toward A Pentecostal Ecclesiology Making Room for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence 207
  Lauren J. Raley

12 Toward a Rhetoric of the Spirit Assault, Abuse, and a Theology of Women’s Empowerment 223
  Joy A.E. Qualls

13 The Shifting Face of Violence among Taiwanese Women in Confucian Society A Charismatic Perspective with a Womanist Slant
  Judith C. P. Lin

  Kimberly Ervin Alexander and Melissa L. Archer

Appendix Pentecostal Sisters Too: A Call to Redeem our Bodies


Scholars of Pentecostalism, theology, sociology of religion, religious ethics, and women’s issues; practical theology; seminary students and graduate students; advanced undergraduate university students; clergy and church lay leaders; university libraries.
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