Animals Matter: Resistance and Transformation in Animal Commodification


In this book, we reclaim the term “resistance” by exploring how animals can “resist” their commodification through blocking and allowing human intervention in their lives. In the cases explored in this volume, animals lead humans to rethink their relationship to animals by either blocking and/or allowing human commodification. In some cases, this results in greater control exercised on the animals, while in others, animals’ resistance also poses a series of complex moral questions to human commodifiers, sometimes to the point of transforming humans into active members of resistance movements on behalf of animals.

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Julien Dugnoille received his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford (2015). Now a Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Exeter, he is the author of Dogs and cats in South Korea: Itinerant commodities, published with Purdue University Press (2021).

Elizabeth Vander Meer received a Ph.D. from Lancaster University (2008). She has published many papers and articles on a wide range of anthrozoological issues, and has recently been focusing on circus animals.

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Notes on Contributors

  Julien Dugnoille

1 “If They Could Talk It Would Be Perfect” Visibility of Individual Wild Animals in French Circus Spectacle
  Elizabeth Vander Meer

2 The Silence and the Fury Addressing Animal Resistance and Agency through the History of Human-Animal Relationships
  Violette Pouillard

3 The Mejiro Bird Between Commodity, Conservation, and Companion
  Charlotte Linton

4 Grounding Intimacies Human-Bovid Coexistence and Community Development in Hong Kong
  Daisy Bisenieks

5 Growing Profitable Deer Livestock and the Individual in Deer Farming
  Christopher Ward

6 Speaking about Farming Embodied Deliberation and Resistance of Cows and Farmers in the Netherlands
  Eva Meijer

7 Pièce de Resistance Sartrean Existentialism in Small-Scale Farming
  Julien Dugnoille

Conclusion Reclaiming Resistance
  Elizabeth Vander Meer


Academics and students (undergraduates, postgraduates in study and research programmes) in Anthropology, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Politics, Geography, Anthrozoology, Psychology, Animal Studies, Animal Welfare, Social Justice, Animal Law, Urban Design and Architecture. Professionals (animal NGOs, veterinarians) and members of the general public interested in Animal justice, Animal welfare, Human-animal interactions.
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