Philosophy of Culture as Theory, Method, and Way of Life

Contemporary Reflections and Applications


The “idea” of culture comprises almost all human activities, from science to art, from music to microscopy. Does anything important escape the limits of this idea? The authors of this collection argue that all philosophy is really the philosophy of culture, since in some way each and every discipline and subdiscipline is foremost a manifestation of our collective cultural effort. Further, they argue that by engaging with philosophy as a cultural activity and as a discipline to meaningful engage with all dimensions of (inter)cultural life, we can live more meaningful, flourishing, and wisely guided lives.

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Dr. Przemysław Bursztyka is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, where he holds the position of the Acting Chair of the Department of Philosophy of Culture. His main interests include: philosophy of culture (and its relation to other cultural disciplines), philosophical psychology, philosophical anthropology (especially apophatic anthropology) and philosophy of subjectivity, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, existentialism, hermeneutics. He is a founder and the editor-in-chief of the philosophical quarterly Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture.

Dr. Eli Kramer is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Ethics of the Institute of Philosophy, University Wrocław, Poland. He is co-editor of Brill’s book series Philosophy as a Way of Life: Text and Studies. His first single-authored monograph is on the nature and role of the associated philosophical life: Intercultural Modes of Philosophy, Volume One: Principles to Guide Philosophical Community (Brill, 2021). He has also co-edited and contributed to collections such as Rorty and Beyond (Lexington Books, 2019) and Contemporary Philosophical Proposals for the University (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

Dr. Marcin Rychter is Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of Culture at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. He is a philosopher, translator, and editor. He is co-editor and co-author of the book Między integracją a rozproszeniem. Doświadczenie estetyczne w kontekstach nowoczesności (Warszawa, 2018). His main fields of interest include: Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Culture, Contemporary Non-analytical Metaphysics, Contemporary American Prose. He is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture.

Dr. Randall Auxier is Professor of Philosophy and Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He is author, co-author, editor, and co-editor of over twenty books in philosophy, and also of many articles and book chapters. He combines the philosophy of culture with the philosophy of popular culture in an effort to show the general development of culture and its excrescences, such as "civilization."
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Philosophy of Culture and Humane-ization
Przemysław Bursztyka, Eli Kramer, and Marcin Rychter

Section 1: Philosophy of Culture as Theory and Method

1 Toward a “Cultural Philosophy”: Five Forms of Philosophy of Culture
Jared Kemling

2 Culture and Philosophy
Robert Cummings Neville

3 Toward an Apophatic Philosophy of Culture
Przemysław Bursztyka

4 Why Do We Need an Ontology of Culture?
Marcin Rychter

5 The Field of Aesthetics as the Field of Culture: Reflections on French Postphenomenology and the Community of Feeling
Monika Murawska

6 Max Scheler’s Two Approaches to Philosophy of Culture
Kenneth W. Stikkers

7 Politics and the Rule of Law in the Context of the Philosophy of Culture: The Battle of Purpose against Teleology
Randall Auxier

8 Notes toward a Pragmatist Metaphilosophy
Joseph Margolis

Section 2: Philosophy of Culture as a Way of Life

9 Humanism and Philosophy as a Way of Life
Matthew Sharpe

10 The Virtues of Philosophy of Culture: Symbolizing Cassirer as a Renaissance Sage
Eli Kramer

11 Philosophy as Eco-Systematic Way of Life: Paradox as a Spiritual Exercise and Philosophic Parrhesia as Cross-Cultural Virtue
Andrew B. Irvine

12 Education, Philosophy, and Morality: Virtue Philosophy in Kant
Laura Mueller

13 From a Metaphysics to a Metanoia of Enculturation: Some Usual and Unusual Suspects
Lucio Angelo Privitello

Section 3: Applications of Philosophy of Culture

14 Culture and Science – Science in Culture: A Relational Approach to the Cultural Connectedness of Science
Gary L. Herstein

15 Richard Rorty’s Cultural Politics and Public Philosophy on the Internet
Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński

16 How the Arts Reorient Experience and Recontextualize the World
Rudolf A. Makkreel

17 Adoption in the Cultural Orphanages as an Ethics of the Passerby
Myron Moses Jackson

18 Progress and Reversions: Movement in the Hermeneutic Circle of Culture
Zofia Rosińska

This book is for students, researchers, and specialists in philosophy and the social sciences, especially anthropology, sociology, and communication studies. We treat culture as a primary object of study.
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