Fan Ye's Book of Later Han (Houhanshu)

Military History and Ethnicity. Volume 1: The Twenty-Eight Yuntai Generals of the Eastern Han

Editor / Translator:
The Book of Later Han (Houhanshu) by Fan Ye (398-445) is enormously important as China’s most complete work on Eastern Han history in biographical form. For the first time in any Western language, the author introduces Fan Ye’s magnificent writings in lively translation with rich annotation and informative and insightful commentary.
This first volume covers its early military history and highlights the lives and achievements of the twenty-eight generals who helped Emperor Guangwu unify China and establish the Eastern Han dynasty.
Also included are images of these twenty-eight founding fathers, maps, and information related to early Eastern Han systems.

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Shu-hui Wu, Ph.D. (1994), Freie Universität in Berlin, is Professor of History at the Mississippi State University. Her area of expertise is in military history and historiographical theory. She has published monographs and many articles in multiple languages, including Six Studies on the Historical Records by Sima Qian in Chinese (2015).
List of Figures, Plates, and Maps
Reign Titles of the Western and Eastern Han Emperors
Place Names Order by Province


Brief Individual Introductions to Each of the Twenty-Eight Yuntai Generals, Including Illustrations, Fan Ye's Conclusion, and List of Their Ranking Orders in HHS 22

1 HHS 16: Biographies of Deng and Kou 鄧寇列傳 6
 1 Biography of Deng Yu 鄧禹
 4 Biography of Kou Xun 寇恂

2 HHS 17: Biographies of Feng, Cen, and Jia 馮岑賈列傳 7
 1 Biography of Feng Yi 馮異
 2 Biography of Cen Peng 岑彭
 3 Biography of Jia Fu 賈復

3 HHS 18: Biographies of Wu, Ge, Chen, and Zang 吳蓋陳臧列傳 8
 1 Biography of Wu Han 吳漢
 2 Biography of Ge Yan 蓋延
 3 Biography of Chen Jun 陳俊
 4 Biography of Zang Gong 臧宮

4 HHS 19: Biography of Geng Yan 耿弇列傳 9
 1 Biography of Geng Yan 耿弇
 2 Biography of Geng Guo 耿國

5 HHS 20: Biographies of Yao Qi, Wang Ba, and Zhai Zun 銚期王霸祭遵列傳 10
 1 Biography of Yao Qi 銚期
 2 Biography of Wang Ba 王霸
 3 Biography of Zhai Zun 祭遵

6 HHS 21: Biographies of Ren, Li, Wan, Pi, Liu, and Geng 任李萬邳劉耿列傳 11
 1 Biography of Ren Guang 任光
 2 Biography of Li Zhong 李忠
 3 Biography of Wan Xiu 萬脩
 4 Biography of Pi Tong 邳彤
 5 Biography of Liu Zhi 劉植
 6 Biography of Geng Chun 耿純

7 HHS 22: Biographies of Zhu, Jing, Wang, Du, Ma, Liu, Fu, Jian, and Ma 朱景王杜馬劉傅堅馬列傳 12
 1 Biography of Zhu You 朱祐
 2 Biography of Jing Dan 景丹
 3 Biography of Wang Liang 王梁
 4 Biography of Du Mao 杜茂
 5 Biography of Ma Cheng 馬成
 6 Biography of Liu Long 劉隆
 7 Biography of Fu Jun 傅俊
 8 Biography of Jian Tan 堅鐔
 9 Biography of Ma Wu 馬武

8 HHS 15: Biographies of Li, Wang, Deng, and Lai 李王鄧來列傳 5
 1 Biography of Li Tong 李通
 2 Biography of Wang Chang 王常
 3 Biography of Deng Chen 鄧晨
 4 Biography of Lai Xi 來歙

9 The Commentaries 論曰 and Rhymed Summaries 贊曰 by Fan Ye in Chapters 1–8
 1 Introduction
 2 Chapter 1 (HHS 16): Commentary
 3 Chapter 2 (HHS 17): Commentary
 4 Chapter 3 (HHS 18): Commentaries
 5 Chapter 4 (HHS 19): Commentaries
 6 Chapter 5 (HHS 20): Commentary
 7 Chapter 6 (HHS 21): Commentary
 8 Chapter 7 (HHS 22): Commentary
 9 Chapter 8 (HHS 15): Commentaries

Appendix 1: The Twenty-Eight Yuntai Generals and the Twenty-Eight Lunar Lodgings, with Notes and a Table of the Twenty-Eight Yuntai Generals and Their Corresponding Lunar Lodgings
Appendix 2: Ban Gu’s Description of an Emperor’s Funeral and Images of the Burial Chamber Built with Yellow Cypress Wood 黃腸題凑
Appendix 3: Analysis and Translation of Texts on Seals and Seal-Ribbons (yin shou 印綬) in HHS zhi 志 30 B Chariots and Clothing 輿服下
Appendix 4: Metadata and Models for Eastern Han Warships, as Reconstructed and Exhibited at the People’s Military Museum in Beijing 中國人民軍事博物館
Appendix 5: An Iron Charter 鐡券, with an Introduction and an Ancient Chinese hu 斛 Measuring Device
Glossary 1: Titles for Military Leaders and Civil Servants (1) English–Chinese
Glossary 2: Titles for Military Leaders and Civil Servants (2) Chinese–English
Glossary 3: Chinese Military Idioms, Proverbs, and Special Terms in the Book of Later Han
Scholars and students of early medieval Chinese history and East Asian Studies, as well as specialists in military history in general.
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