Congress Volume Aberdeen 2019


This volume presents the main lectures of the 23rd Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) held in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, in August 2019. Twenty internationally distinguished scholars present their current research on the Hebrew Bible, including the literary history of the Hebrew text, its Greek translation, and the history of interpretation. Some focus on the semantic and syntactic features of the biblical text and its impact on cultural memory while others deal with textual witnesses in the Dead Sea scrolls, Ethiopic sources, and Arabic translations. The volume gives readers a representative view of recent research on the Hebrew Bible.

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Christl M. Maier, Dr. theol. 1994 at Humboldt-University Berlin, Professor of Old Testament at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany, and editor-in-chief of Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. She has published extensively on Wisdom Literature, Old Testament prophecy, and Feminist Hermeneutics, her latest work being a commentary on Jeremiah 1–25 for Internationaler Exegetischer Kommentar zum Alten Testament (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2022).

Joachim Schaper, Ph.D. (Cantab) 1993, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, has published numerous essays on Deuteronomy, prophecy, psalms, wisdom literature, orality and literacy in ancient Israel, etc., and books on the Septuagint psalter, the Israelite priesthood, Psalm 42/43, and, most recently, on media and monotheism.
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1 The Weight of Justice: Counting, Weighing, and Measuring in Ancient Israel’s Social and Intellectual Worlds
Joachim Schaper

2 The Seventh Day in Genesis 2:2–3 and the Change from Kingship to Sabbath
Matthijs de Jong

3 Reciprocity, Rejection, and Rhetoric: New Perspectives on the Prophets and the Cult
Göran Eidevall

4 Le texte du Lévitique. Regard d’un éditeur de la Biblia Hebraica Quinta
Innocent Himbaza

5 Towards a “Cognitive Philology”: Reading Hos 11:1–4 with the Shades
Jeremy M. Hutton

6 The Messianic Controversy
Israel Knohl

7 Wahre Stadt und heiliger Berg bei Jesaja und Sacharja
Corinna Körting

8 Contextual Readings of the Song of Songs in the Pre-modern Period
Timothy H. Lim

9 Between Pietism and Totemism: The Old Testament in the Letters of William Robertson Smith
Bernhard Maier

10 « Dioikeî tà pánta ». Sg 8,1 et son contexte philosophique
Luca Mazzinghi

11 The Origins of Deuteronomic “Law”
Sara Milstein

12 The Voice from the Fire
R. W. L. Moberly

13 Textual Unities and Poetic Processes in Ancient Judaism
Hindy Najman

14 Arabic Bible Versions in the High Middle Ages and Their Relevance to Biblical Studies
Meira Polliack

15 Contestations et conflits d’idéologies dans le Psautier
Sophie Ramond

16 Solomon from Archival Sources to Collective Memory
William M. Schniedewind

17 Der historische Ort der Sozialgesetze des Deuteronomiums
Hans Ulrich Steymans

18 The Significance of Ethiopic Witnesses for the Text Tradition of 1 Enoch: Problems and Prospects
Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Ted M. Erho

19 Biblical Symmetry and Its Modern Detractors
Andrew Teeter

20 Creation Out of Conflict? The Chaoskampf Motif in the Old Testament: Cosmic Dualism or creatio ex nihilo
David Toshio Tsumura

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