New Approaches to Textual and Image Analysis in Early Jewish and Christian Studies


The digital world pervades the everyday lives of most people, and online tools have become an essential part of academic research in many disciplines. This reality is true also for biblical studies and related disciplines, areas that work with complex literary traditions, multiple manuscript cultures, and many methodological approaches to the problems at the centre of our discussions. This book shines a light on multiple new and emerging approaches to big disciplinary questions in biblical studies and beyond by highlight projects that are using digital tools, crafting computer-assisted approaches, and re-thinking the resources fundamental to the history of research.

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1 Textual Approaches, Image Analysis, and Bottom-Up Approaches in Religious Studies
Garrick V. Allen, Paul Dilley and Peter Philips

2 Three Priorities for Digitally-Enabled Research and Teaching in Manuscripts of Biblical Literature
Todd R. Hanneken

3 The Promise and Challenges of Digital Humanities for the Study of Jews and Judaism in Antiquity
Michael L. Satlow

4 The Amsterdam Database of Conjectural Emendation
Jan Krans

5 Mining and Mapping New Testament Metaphor and the Louw-Nida Lexicon
J. Zwarts

6 Applying Cosine Similarity to Paul’s Letters: Mathematically Modeling Formal and Stylistic Similarities
Ashley Roy and Paul Robertson

7 Analyser l’emploi de la terminologie prophétique des manuscrits “non-bibliques” de la Mer Morte en créant une base de données informatique
Timothée Minard

8 Verse Metrics: Analysing Textual Families of Manuscripts Using a String Alignment Algorithm with a Test Case in the Arabic Gospels
Robert Turnbull

9 Let There Be Light: Testing Byzantine Polycandelon and Glass Stemmed Oil Lamp Illumination
Bradley Erickson

Academic libraries, researchers in the digital humanities and religious studies, research students.
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