Reformation, Religious Culture and Print in Early Modern Europe

Essays in Honour of Andrew Pettegree, Volume 1


Anyone who has studied the history of the Reformation, the book and communication will have come across or been influenced by Andrew Pettegree’s contributions to these fields. The forty-four essays in this Festschrift and its companion volume have been commissioned to cover the broad scope of Pettegree’s areas of interest and expertise, and to reflect and build upon them. The pieces, written by forty-three scholars based at over thirty institutions, are organised around nine key themes, ranging from the intersections of religion and print to the history of book collecting, the periodical press and pioneering book historical research methodologies.
This first volume contains nineteen essays. Together with the second volume, 'The Book World of Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honour of Andrew Pettegree, Volume 2', it offers a wid-ranging survey of the state of current scholarship on religion, printing and media change in early modern Europe.

Contributors to this volume: Riccardo Bavaj, Flavia Bruni, Arthur der Weduwen, Alastair Duke, Bruce Gordon, Brian Hanson, Mack Holt, Richard Kirwan, Katell Lavéant, Ian Maclean, Guido Marnef, Jonathan Reid, Alec Ryrie, Grant Tapsell, Margo Todd, Natale Vacalebre, Arjan van Dijk, Malcolm Walsby, and Elise Watson.

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Arthur der Weduwen is a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at the University of St Andrews and co-deputy director of the Universal Short Title Catalogue. He specialises in the history of communication, printing and the book trade, early modern politics, and the history of the Netherlands, and is the author and editor of seven books in those fields.

Malcolm Walsby is professor of book history at Enssib in Lyon and director of the Gabriel Naudé research centre. A specialist of the archaeology of the book and the economics of the book trade, he is the author of a number of monographs, bibliographies and articles on early modern European history.
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1. Malcolm Walsby – Andrew Pettegree, a Historian of the Reformation and the Book
2. Arjan van Dijk – Andrew Pettegree and Brill: A Publishing History

Part 1. Reformation and Religious Culture
3. Bruce Gordon – Boundaries of Memory: The Mediaeval Bible in the Early Modern World
4. Flavia Bruni – The Unexpected Guest: Henry VIII in the General Archive of the Servants of Mary
5. Brian L. Hanson – ‘Thruste oute teares of repentaunce’: Dramatizing Conversion in Reformation England
6. Margo Todd – Weather, Finance and Urban Religious Dissent in Early Modern Scotland
7. Grant Tapsell – Restoration and the Culture of Persecution: The View from Lambeth
8. Richard Kirwan – Scholarly Careers and the Confessional University in Early Modern Germany
9. Riccardo Bavaj – Religious Re-anchoring (through Lots of Books): Heinrich August Winkler, Germany, and ‘the West’

Part 2. Religion in Print
10. Jonathan A. Reid – A Prayer for Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and their ‘Children’: A Portal to Early Reformation England’s entente évangélique with France
11. Alec Ryrie – The Vernacular Scripture Fallacy and the Failure of Early Protestant Mission
12. Ian Maclean – Brand Melanchthon, Brand Philippism. Polemics and the Book World, 1560–1620: a Prolegomenon
13. Natale Vacalebre – A Hell of a Poem! Censoring Dante’s Commedia in Early Modern Spain
14. Elise Watson – Lost Saints: Printed Catholic Ephemera in the Dutch Republic

Part 3. Religious Strife and Revolt in France and the Low Countries
15. Mack P. Holt – The Role of International Printing Presses in the French Wars of Religion
16. Malcolm Walsby – The Protestant Book Trade in Rouen during the First Years of the Wars of Religion
17. Katell Lavéant – A Joyful Book as a Vehicle for the Protestant Faith? The Case of the Triomphes de l’Abbaye des Conards, Rouen, 1587
18. Alastair Duke – ‘Our Poor Oppressed and Forlorn Fatherland.’ The Patriotic Rhetoric Inspired by William of Orange and his Circle, 1568–1576
19. Guido Marnef – Challenging the Church of England: The Building of a Calvinist English Church in Antwerp (1578–1582)

Bibliography of Andrew Pettegree’s Publications
All scholars and students interested in the history of religion, the book, printing, media and communication, and especially those interested in the history of early modern Europe.
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