Philosophical Aspects of Globalization: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry


Globalization is a defining characteristic of our contemporary world, with a reach and impact affecting all nations and peoples. Philosophical Aspects of Globalization is a collection of essays by leading contemporary Russian philosophers, scholars, and scientists concerned with addressing pressing issues of globalization from a philosophical point of view. The thirty-four authors who have contributed to this book represent a range of approaches and subfields of Global Studies in Russia, including topics such as theory of globalization, globalization and the environment, history and geopolitics, and globalization in cultural context. When compiled together in a single collection of essays, their work offers the English-speaking reader a comprehensive picture of new directions in Russian Global Studies in the twenty-first century, as well as demonstrates the importance of questions of globalization for philosophical inquiry in Russia today.

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Alexander N. Chumakov, Dr. phil., is Professor at the Faculty of Global Processes at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), editor-in-chief of the Century of Globalization Journal, organizer and co-chairman of the Organizing Committees of the Russian Philosophical Congresses, and international winner of the Gusi Peace Prize (2015).

Alyssa DeBlasio, Ph.D., is John B. Parsons Chair in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Russian at Dickinson College (USA) and author of The Filmmaker’s Philosopher: Merab Mamardashvili and Russian Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2019) and The End of Russian Philosophy (Palgrave, 2014).

Ilya V. Ilyin is doctor habilitatus in political sciences, Professor, and head of the Faculty of Global Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia). He is the author of a classification for global processes, systems, and problems and has published over 300 scholarly works, including twenty monographs, with an emphasis on global development.
Foreword: Philosophy of Globalization in Today’s Dialogue of Civilizations
Notes on Contributors

Part 1: Globalization in the Focus of Interdisciplinary Research

Globalization from the Philosophical Point of View
Alexander N. Chumakov

Globalization as a Holistic Process
Philosophical and Methodological Aspects
 Boris I. Pruzhinin and Tatiana G. Shchedrina

The Age of Competing Globalizations
Vladislav L. Inozemtsev

Globalization and Global Processes: The Algorithm of Development
 Arkady D. Ursul, Ilya V. Ilyin and Tatiana A. Ursul

The Historical Logic of Globalization
Tatiana L. Shestova

Globalization-Induced Transformation of International Cooperation Holistic Assessment
 Tatiana A. Alekseeva and Ivan D. Loshkariov

Part 2: Philosophical and Sociocultural Aspects of Globalization

The Role of Global Studies in the Development of a Sustainable Security System
 Ilya V. Ilyin and Kristina S. Leonova

The Pandemic and the Crisis of the Global World
Alexey A. Gromyko

The Globalized World under the Prism of COVID-19
Victor B. Kuvaldin

The Twilight of Neoliberal Globalization
Alternatives to the Dead-Ends of the Proto-Empire
Aleksandr V. Buzgalin

The Concept of “Political Globalization” and Global Challenges
Olga G. Leonova

Part 3: Nature, Society, and the Humans in a Global World

Sustainable Development of Civilization and the Global Environmental Problem
Victor I. Danilov-Danilyan

Harmonization of the Biosphere and the Technosphere as a Global Problem of Modernity
Nizami M. Mamedov

Natural-Historic Aspects of Globalization
Valery V. Snakin

Global Digital Society and the Problems of Social Adaptation
Aza D. Ioseliani

Globalization Aporia: The Hegemonic “World State” versus Cosmopolitanism to Come
Edward V. Demenchonok

Part 4: Russia in the Global World: Philosophy, History, Geopolitics

Russia in the Projects of the Coming World Order
Yury D. Granin

Ways for Evolving Russia’s Current Civilizational Choice in the Context of Globalization
Igor K. Liseyev

Globalization, the Great Russian Revolution of 1917, and the Transformation of the World System
A Historical and Philosophical Perspective
Leonid E. Grinin

The Structures of Social Solidarity in Contemporary Russia
Evolution and Perspectives
Anastasia V. Mitrofanova

The Philosophical Potential of Russian Cosmism in the Context of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Global Studies
Alexander M. Starostin

Part 5: Humanistic Aspects of the Global Civilization

Civilizational Values in the Age of Global Social Transformations
 Ivan A. Aleshkovski and Alexander T. Gasparishvili

Towards a Theory of Global Security
Igor F. Kefeli

Modern Challenges of Global Sports Development
A Philosophical and Methodological Analysis
 Vladislav I. Stolyarov and Sergey G. Seyranov

The Dialectic of Civilization
From Ethnic-Religious to Global Civilization
 Ilham R. Mamedzade and Tair M. Makhamatov

The Essence of Globalization in the Spiritual Dimension
Anatoliy G. Kossichenko

Religion in the Globalized World
Philosophical Reflections
Mikhail Y. Sergeev

English-language readers interested in Global Studies and/or contemporary trends in Russian philosophy and Global Studies.
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