Nicolaus Viti Gozzius: In primum librum Artis rhetoricorum Aristotelis commentaria

Uses of Aristotle’s Rhetoric in the Late Renaissance


This is a critical edition of Nikola Vitov Gučetić’s (1549–1610) Commentary on the First Book of Aristotle’s ‘Rhetoric’, with an introductory study and supplementary materials. The purpose of the edition is to provide a clear Latin text for scholars and students of the humanities, especially researchers in Renaissance rhetoric and philosophy. The book will be of particular interest to scholars of the history and culture of Dubrovnik.

Gučetić’s Commentary gives a precious glimpse into the transformative character of Aristotle’s Rhetoric in the Renaissance, demonstrating the profound influence this ancient text had not only on leading Humanist scholars and renowned Renaissance philosophers, but also on lesser-known thinkers who depended on the art of persuasion in their political and judicial careers.

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Gorana Stepanić, Ph.D. (2005), University of Zagreb, is Assistant Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Pula. She has published articles on Croatian Neo-Latin authors and co-authored the first edition of Pavao Ritter Vitezović: Epistolae metricae (Književni krug Split–Marulianum, 2019).

Pavel Gregorić, D.Phil. (2003), University of Oxford, is Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb. He is the author of Aristotle on the Common Sense (OUP, 2007) and a co-editor of Gučetić’s Breve compendium in duo prima capita tertii De anima Aristotelis (Brepols, 2024).
Scholars and students of Renaissance studies, History of rhetoric, Neo-Latin philology, Classical studies, Aristotelian tradition, History of philosophy, Practical philosophy and all interested in the history of Dubrovnik and Renaissance outside of Italy. Keywords: Aristotle, Gozze, Latin, philology, philosophy, Renaissance, rhetoric, Dubrovnik, Ragusa, 16th century.
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