From the Volhynian Massacre to Operation Vistula

The Polish-Ukrainian Conflict 1943–1947


This is the first book available in English to comprehensively address the complicated subject of Polish-Ukrainian relations during and immediately after World War II. Polish-Ukrainian relations in the twentieth century are a topic that invariably engages historians, politicians, and public opinion in Poland and Ukraine. Many valuable works have been written on the subject, but many are distorting historical truth and collective memories, sometimes making today’s mutual relations problematic. Grzegorz Motyka’s book is a careful account of the most difficult period in Polish-Ukrainian relations, beginning in 1943 with the start of the Volhynian massacre and ending with the “Vistula” action in 1947. By discussing episodes of common history in an accessible manner, Professor Motyka presents an impartial picture of Polish-Ukrainian relations, devoid of national martyrology. In extremely difficult times, it builds a bridge for mutual understanding across historical divides.

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Grzegorz Motyka is a historian, political scientist and employee of the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His main research interests include the issues of Polish-Ukrainian relations after 1939 and anti-communist resistance in Central Europe after 1944.
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