Latin American Literatures in Global Markets

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Market relations are changing not only the distribution and promotion of literary works but also their content, their language, and their social and political function. This book penetrates the intricacies of literary production, circulation and reception, focusing on some of the most original and representative authors of today such as Roberto Bolaño, Gabriela Cabezón Camara, Yuri Herrera, and Irmgard Emmelhainz, among others. The book also illuminates on the “materialitity” of literature and the strategies of literary marketing: festivals, book fairs, digitalization, and translation. Globalization and regional particularisms meet, then, in the symbolic territories of the literary world, and expose their dynamics and intrinsic negotiations.

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Mabel Moraña is William H. Gass Professor of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, where she directs the Latin American Studies Program. She has published extensively on literary criticism and cultural theory, on topics such as the Baroque; Colonial, modern and contemporary symbolic production in Latin America; biopolitics; affects; the role of intellectuals, Andean literatures and Mexican narrative and critical thought. Among her latest collective volumes: Liquid Borders. Migration as Resistance (2021); Water Marks. Hydrocriticism in Colonial Latin America (forthcoming); Constructing the Racial Other. Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, co-Edited with Miguel Valerio (forthcoming); Poetics of Race (forthcoming) Her latest authored books include Filosofía y Crítica en América Latina. De Mariátegui a Sloterdijk (2017); Pensar el cuerpo. Historia, materialidad y símbolo (2021); Líneas de fuga. Ciudadanía, frontera y sujeto migrante (2021); ”Nosotros los bárbaros”. Tres narradores mexicanos en el siglo XXI (2022).

Ana Gallego Cuiñas is Full Professor in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Literature and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Granada. With undergraduate and doctorate degrees in Hispanic Philology and an undergraduate degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada, she has been a research contractor with the Ramón y Cajal Program and a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, Princeton, Paris-Sorbonne, Buenos Aires, and Yale. Her most recent authored books are Las novelas argentinas del siglo 21: Nuevos modos de producción, circulación y recepción (2019) and Otros: Ricardo Piglia y la literatura mundial (2019). She has also published more than one hundred book chapters and articles and edited ten books on topics such as transatlantic studies, self-writing, publishing market, materialist feminism and 21st century literature. She currently directs the LETRAL project, and the "Iber-Lab" Scientific Excellence Cluster: Criticism, Languages, and Cultures in Iberoamerica.
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: A Few Turns of the Kaleidoscope
Mabel Moraña

Part 1: Word and World: (Re)Inscriptions

1 The Global Alt-Right as Prefigured by Roberto Bolaño
Héctor Hoyos

2 “En tanto poeta, ¡zas!, novelista”: On Bolaño and Latin American Poetry in the World Literature System
Jorge J. Locane

3 Rejoicing Materiality: A Geological Writing by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara
Cristina Rivera Garza

4 New Media and New Technologies in Contemporary Latin American Writing
Edmundo Paz Soldán

5 The Consecration and Repositioning of a Border Writer: The Phenomenon of the Publishing Market in the Work of Yuri Herrera
Juan Rogelio Rosado Marrero

Part 2: Latin American Genres, Themes and Writings in a Global World

6 Latin American Crónicas: The World-Regional Circulation of a Local Genre
Juan Poblete

7 The Archives of an Exception to Come: Literature, Cinema and the World in Irmgard Emmelhainz’s El cielo está incompleto (2017)
Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado

8 Beyond (Cuban) Literature: Global Issues in Generation Zero
Catalina Quesada-Gómez

9 The Digital Condition: Algorithms, Language, and Imagination in Latin American Digital Literature
Carolina C. Gainza

Part 3: Literary Culture and Global Consumptions

10 Materialities of Literature in Latin America
Gustavo Guerrero

11 Literary Culture and Spectacle: The Boom in Literary Festivals in Latin America
Ana Gallego Cuiñas

12 Measuring the Consumption of Bibliodiversity and Foreign Literatures in Translation: Supply and Sales of Translated Books in Germany between 2007 and 2018
Marco Thomas Bosshard

Afterword: The Latin American Writer and the Global Market
Ana Gallego Cuiñas

Undergraduate and graduate students, scholars working on cultural studies, literary criticism, cultural theory, global studies, social sciences, digital humanities, cultural history, and the like. It is also a book for a general public interested in cultural developments in the XXIst-century and on Latin American literature and culture.
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