Marginal Paris

Representing the Shadows of the City of Light


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This volume invites you to wander in the shadows of the city of light and discover another, often invisible and silent, Paris. Its chapters explore Parisian margins, including various populations, spaces and practices, as represented in French literature and cinema since 1800. You will get a pick at the Parisians’ criminal activities and nocturnal lives in the 19th-century. You will witness how industrialization and capitalism between the 1850s and the 1970s reshaped the socioeconomic map of Paris by creating or reinforcing spaces of social inequity. You will also meet marginalized groups that are often ignored or neglected in today’s Paris—and the French society—, including the LGBTQ+, black and immigrant communities.

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Aurélie Van de Wiele received her Ph.D. in French Studies from Rice University and is currently an Associate Professor of French at Salisbury University. Her latest article examines Paris’ influence on Prévert’s social awareness and writing style (Cincinnati Romance Review).

Carole Salmon holds a Ph.D. in French Studies from Louisiana State University. She is currently a Professor of French and Linguistics at Furman University. In 2022, she edited the volume Paris in the America: Yesterday and Today (Vernon Press).
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Introduction: Making the Parisian Darkness Shine
Aurélie Van de Wiele and Carole Salmon

Part 1: 1800s–1850s

1 Ultraviolent Thirdspace in Les Mystères de Paris
Eliza Jane Smith

2 Hidden Figures: Women Writing the July Monarchy Night
Charlotte Berkery

3 Honoré de Balzac, “observateur poète” of the Parisian Gutter
Céline Duverne

Part 2: 1850s–1970s

4 Representations of the Banlieue in Émile Zola’s Rougon-Macquart
Isabelle Schaffner

5 The Rosny Brothers’ Paris in the Shadows of the Fortifs
Noémie Boeglin

6 Poetics of the Parisian Underclass in the Works of Baudelaire and Prévert
Aurélie Van de Wiele

Part 3: 1990s–Today

7 Dustan’s Ghetto: Paris and the Marais as Loci of Extremes
Olivier Le Blond

8 Paris “Taule de Merde”: Yémy’s Neocanonical French Literature
David Spieser-Landes

9 Giving a Voice to Sex Workers in Au cœur du bois (Drexel, 2021)
Levilson Reis

This volume targets Francophone and Cultural Studies’ readers. It is especially relevant for anyone studying representations of Paris in French literature and cinema and for General Education courses about Diversity.
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