Qumran Prayer and Religious Poetry


Qumran Prayer and Religious Poetry represents the first attempt to undertake a systematic, comprehensive study of the liturgical and poetic texts which were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran.
The collections of prayers, blessings and hymns indicate that fixed prayers were already customary within Judaism during the period of the Second Temple within sectarian circles.
In the light of the prayer texts from Qumran the author conducts a systematic study of Jewish prayer beginning with its biblical traditions, through its development during the Second Temple period, and down to rabbinic prayer.
By means of comparative literary analysis, the author is able to elucidate the relationship of the Qumran texts to forms and motifs found in parallel text types from various periods and circles within Judaism. This volume provides the reader with tools for a renewed study of the history of prayer in Judaism in the light of new textual evidence from the Second Temple period.

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Bilhah Nitzan, Ph.D. (1989) in Biblical Studies, Tel-Aviv University, is at present a lecturer in the Department of Biblical Studies at Tel-Aviv University.
'This is a fine volume and a first-class contribution to the ungoing study of the Scrolls.'
John J. Collins, Journal of Biblical Literature, 1995.
'Die vorliegende überarbeitete englische Fassung einer ursprünglich hebräischen Dissertation stellt die bisher umfangreichste Untersuchung zu den poetisch-liturgischen Qumrantexten dar.'
Johann Maier, Journal for the Study of Judaism, 1995.
'This important work offers the first comprehensive treatment of Qumran prayer.
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