The Book World of Early Modern Europe

Essays in Honour of Andrew Pettegree, Volume 2


Anyone who has studied the history of the Reformation, the book and communication will have come across or been influenced by Andrew Pettegree’s contributions to these fields. The essays in this Festschrift have been commissioned to cover the broad scope of Pettegree’s areas of interest and expertise, and to reflect and build upon them. The pieces, written by forty-three scholars based at over thirty institutions, are organised around nine key themes, ranging from the intersections of religion and print to the history of book collecting, the periodical press and pioneering book historical research methodologies.
This second volume contains twenty-seven essays. Together with the first volume, 'Reformation, Religious Culture and Print in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honour of Andrew Pettegree, Volume 1', it offers a comprehensive survey of the state of current scholarship on religion, printing and media change in early modern Europe.

Contributors to this volume: Renaud Adam, Jacob Baxter, Natasha Constantinidou, Hanna de Lange, Arthur der Weduwen, Paul Dijstelberge, Shanti Graheli, Earle Havens, Paul Hoftijzer, Graeme Kemp, Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba, Joop Koopmans, Nina Lamal, Saskia Limbach, Karin Maag, Alicia Montoya, Angela Nuovo, John Sibbald, Joke Spaans, Drew Thomas, Sandra Toffolo, Arjan van Dijk, Michiel van Groesen, Steven Van Impe, Malcolm Walsby, and Alexander Wilkinson.

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Arthur der Weduwen is a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at the University of St Andrews and co-deputy director of the Universal Short Title Catalogue. He specialises in the history of communication, printing and the book trade, early modern politics, and the history of the Netherlands, and is the author and editor of seven books in those fields.

Malcolm Walsby is professor of book history at Enssib in Lyon and director of the Gabriel Naudé research centre. A specialist of the archaeology of the book and the economics of the book trade, he is the author of a number of monographs, bibliographies and articles on early modern European history.
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1. Malcolm Walsby – Andrew Pettegree, a Historian of the Reformation and the Book
2. Arjan van Dijk – Andrew Pettegree and Brill: A Publishing History

Part 1. The Arts of Printing and Publishing
3. Graeme J. Kemp – ‘Drawing on a Pigmy’s Frock over the Shoulders of a Giant’. Visualising Dedicatory Networks in French Vernacular Books (1501–1600)
4. Drew B. Thomas – A Crowded Field in Luther’s Wittenberg: Collaboration and Sub-Contracting in the Reformation Book Trade
5. Saskia Limbach – ‘Doing men’s work’. Katharina Rebart, her Life and her Activities in Context
6. Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba – Vanished Components. Evidence for the Partial Survival of Tabula Cebetis Editions
7. Michiel van Groesen – Maps and the Market: The Amsterdam Book Trade and the Rise of the Pocket Atlas
8. Renaud Adam – Jan van Meerbeeck and the Book Business in Brussels in the First Third of the Seventeenth Century

Part 2. International Connections and Circulation in the Book World
9. Sandra Toffolo – The Pilgrim, the City and the Book: the Role of the Mobility of Pilgrims in Book Circulation in Renaissance Venice
10. Shanti Graheli – Diplomacy, Material Culture and the Book World in the Account of the French Special Envoys to Hamburg, 1638
11. Jacob Baxter – Admiration, Anger and Envy: Descriptions of the Dutch Golden Age in English Print
12. Arthur der Weduwen – Exile, Expansion and Commerce: Dutch Printing outside the Low Countries in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
13. Hanna de Lange – Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! Used Books at Auctions in Leiden, The Hague and London, 1689–90

Part 3. Education and the Book
14. Angela Nuovo – Abacus Manuals, Schools and Urban Readers in Early Modern Venice and Milan
15. Karin Maag – Advertising Educational Opportunities: L'Ordre et manière d'enseigner, Geneva, 1538
16. Natasha Constantinidou – Influences, Assimilation, Adaptations: Observations on Greek Grammars Printed in France in the Sixteenth Century
17. Joke Spaans – From Schoolbook to Children’s Literature. The Evolution of a Dutch Book Market for Youngsters in the Long Eighteenth Century

Part 4. Libraries and Book Collecting
18. Michael S. Springer – Politics, Community and Identity in the Formation of the Dutch Church Library in London, 1550–c. 1650
19. Paul Hoftijzer – ‘Boecken ende Anders.’ The Book Collection of the Seventeenth-Century Leiden Student Leonard van Sorgen (c. 1620–1644)
20. Earle Havens – The Bibliotheca Publica of Leiden University, 1585-1741: A Portrait of the Early Modern Public Research Library
21. Alicia Montoya – Locating Books of Hours in Eighteenth-Century Private Libraries: Auction Catalogues as Generators of Enlightenment Value(s)

Part 5. Developments in the Periodical Press
22. Nina Lamal – The First Advertisements in Italian Newspapers (1683–1700)
23. Joop W. Koopmans – Expansion and Restraint in the Dutch Newspaper Market, 1700–1795
24. Steven Van Impe – Reprints of the Gazette van Antwerpen in the Dutch Republic, 1706–1806

Part 6. Research Methodologies and Media Transformations
25. Paul Dijstelberge – Bonaventura’s Dream: The USTC, Typographical Analysis and the Future of Book Historical Research
26. Alexander S. Wilkinson – Ornamento Europe: Towards an Atlas of the Visual Geography of the Renaissance Book
27. John A. Sibbald – The Age of Aquarius and Magic Fallibility: Scottish Legal Resources in the ‘60s and ‘70s and the Advent of ‘Modern Technology’

Bibliography of Andrew Pettegree’s Publications
All scholars and students interested in the history of religion, the book, printing, media and communication, and especially those interested in the history of early modern Europe.
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