Engaging Students in Socially Constructed Qualitative Research Pedagogies

This volume is an innovative, practical contribution to the developing field of qualitative research pedagogy. It is also applicable more broadly to the active teaching in higher education. Based upon constructionist tenets, this book contains three parts that offer strategies and approaches to actively engage students in qualitative inquiry. Chapter authors with roots in six countries (United States, Lithuania, Canada, Israel, China and Russia) offer practical and creative strategies and theoretical foundations for engaging students in active learning of research. The book will be of interest for instructors who wish to enhance their pedagogy and creativity in teaching, and for students who will appreciate the inclusion of students’ assignments and authentic scenarios through which instructors support students in student learning and doing of qualitative research.

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Janet C. Richards is a Professor of Qualitative Research and Literacy at the University of South Florida, Tampa and Senior Editor of Literacy Practice and Research Online. She served as a USAID scholar in emerging nations and as a Lansdowne Visiting Scholar at the University of Victoria, Canada.

Audra Skukauskaitė is an Associate Professor for Qualitative Research in the Methodology, Measurement and Analysis program in the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida. Audra’s scholarship focuses on transparency in research, ethnographic and discourse-based studies, and the teaching and learning of qualitative research.

Ron Chenail is Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. He has published over 130 publications including seven books and given over 200 formal academic presentations at conferences and meetings.
Janet C. Richards and Audra Skukauskaitė
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Learning How Learners Learn Qualitative Research
Ron Chenail

PART 2: Conceptualizing and (Re)Designing Qualitative Pedagogies

Introduction to Part 1
Janet C. Richards, Audra Skukauskaitė and Ron Chenail

1 Untangling Constructionisms: Social Constructions of Qualitative Research Pedagogies
Daniel Edelen and Audra Skukauskaitė

2 Getting out of the Armchair in Qualitative Research: A Constructivist Approach
Lynn Butler-Kisber and Nicole Bourassa

3 Creating Collaborative Classroom Climate in Qualitative Research Methods Courses
Liora Nutov

4 Design, Delivery, and Evaluation of a Synchronous, Online Qualitative Methods Course: A Collaborative Response to COVID-19
Janet C. Richards and Christy Bebeau

PART 2: Arts-Based Practices in the Teaching of Qualitative Research

Introduction to Part 2
Janet C. Richards, Audra Skukauskaitė and Ron Chenail

5 Incorporating the Arts to Evoke Qualitative Students’ Axiological Values That Influence All Phases of Interpretive Inquiry
Janet C. Richards (with Alyssa Batastini, Huiruo Chen, Michelle Angelo-Rocha and Kristen Fung)

6 Constructing Knowledge about Teaching and Learning Qualitative Methods through Reflections on Collages of Students’ Potential Research Topics
Rūta Girdzijauskienė and Liudmila Rupšienė

7 Using Sequential Art of a Comic Strip to Explore the Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research
Nicole Narkiewicz and Audra Skukauskaitė

8 “I See What You Mean”: Constructing and Sharing Visuals for Enhanced Data Analysis and Interpretation
Melissa M. Tovin and Jason E. Cook

PART 3: Collaboration and Reflection in Teaching, Learning, and Practicing Qualitative Research

Introduction to Part 3
Janet C. Richards, Audra Skukauskaitė and Ron Chenail

9 Teaching Interviewing in Qualitative Research: Learning from Cinematic Society
Kathryn Roulston and Brigette Adair Herron

10 Locating Tensions: A Reflective Inquiry of the Value of Interactive Role-Playing and Reflection to Promote Qualitative Students’ Interviewing Skills
Alisha M. B. Braun and Anna Gonzalez-Pliss

11 Strategies for Collaborative Classroom Practice in Qualitative Data Analysis
Sheryl L. Chatfield and Kristen A. DeBois

PART 4: Re-Making Community

12 “What I’ve Learned in This Class, I’ve Learned from All of You”: Supporting Students Becoming Qualitative Researchers through Social Constructionist Pedagogy
Audra Skukauskaitė, Courtney Lopas, Daniel Edelen, Lybrya Kebreab and Lakelyn Taylor
Instructors of qualitative research; Students of qualitative research; Qualitative conference presenters; Qualitative workshop presenters; Ph. D. students; Master’s students; Libraries; Research program designers; Post graduate qualitative researchers; Mixed Methods research instructors; Mixed Methods research students; International qualitative research departments and instructors
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