Transatlantic Battles

European Immigrant Communities in South America and the World Wars


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How did overseas Europeans participate in the two world wars’ effort? Which were the tensions around mobilization? How did the war affect their identity and their descendants? What were their mobilization’s effects on the relationship with the adopted homelands? These closely intertwined issues connect to the central argument of the book: war exerted a crucial influence on the configuration – and reconfiguration – of those European communities’ national or ethnic identities and made evident their transnational nature. Through different case studies, this volume approached the multi-faceted, complex, and fluid nature of immigrant collective identities under the pressures and challenges of total wars.

Contributors are: Juan Pablo Artinian, Juan Luis Carrellán Ruiz, Hernán M. Díaz, Norman Fraser Brown, Marcelo Huernos, Milagros Martínez-Flener, Norman Fraser Brown, Germán C. Friedmann, María Inés Tato, and Stefan Rinke.

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María Inés Tato. Ph.D. (2003), University of Buenos Aires, is Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). Among other books, she coedited The Global First World War. African, East Asian, Latin American and Iberian Mediators (Routledge, 2021).
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Immigrants and World Wars in South America
An Introduction
María Inés Tato

1 Fighting on the Home Front
Mobilizing European Citizens for the First World War in Latin America
Stefan Rinke

2 The French in Buenos Aires during the First World War
Hernán M. Díaz

3 The Mobilization of the European Communities in Chile during the First World War
Juan Luis Carrellán Ruiz

4 The Austro-Hungarian Community in Chile during the First World War
Milagros Martínez-Flener

5 The Armenian Diaspora in Argentina Facing the First World War and the Postwar
Genocide, Trauma, and Reconstruction
Juan Pablo Artinian

6 A Return of Military Migration: The Scots of the British Volunteers of Latin America, 1914–1918
Norman Fraser Brown

7 Europeans in Latin America and the Memory of the Great War
María Inés Tato

8 The German Speakers of Argentina in the 1930s and 1940s
Germán C. Friedmann

9 Disputes over Italianness
Italian Immigration in Argentina in the Face of Fascism
Marcelo Huernos

10 Final Reflections
María Inés Tato

This book is primarily aimed at academics, postgraduate students and libraries, and the areas of Latin American history, migration studies, war history and global history.
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