African Initiative and Inspiration in the East African Revival


The East African Revival is a fascinating historical example of the significant role indigenous agency can play in creating a new Christian spirituality. African revivalists initiated the spread of the movement, employing creative practices such as public testimony and fellowship meetings to sustain the effects of conversion experiences. Daewon Moon integrates theological and sociological analyses of conversion with interviews and personal narratives that express insiders’ perspectives. As active agents in the multiethnic and multicultural movement, African revivalists articulate through their words and changed lives what it means to be 'saved'.

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Daewon Moon, Ph.D. (2019), Boston University, is Academic Dean at International Leadership University in Burundi. He has published articles in The International Bulletin of Mission Research, Studies in World Christianity, and The World Christian Encyclopedia.
“By focusing on the African leadership of the East African Revival, Daewon Moon sheds new light on the spiritual practices and cross-cultural partnerships that defined the revival fellowship. His study highlights the creative faith of the African revivalists, as they shaped an indigenous African Christianity. This book is an important addition to the literature on a major spiritual movement and will shape its interpretation for years to come. I recommend it very highly.” - Dana L. Robert, William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor, Boston University

“With the heart of a pastor, the analytical skills of a scholar and the first-hand knowledge of a missionary in Africa, Daewon Moon introduces his readers to the remarkable story of East Africa's spiritual awakening beginning with the striking personal conversion of Yosiya Kinuka and the Balokole Revival in the early 1930s and eventually producing "the most influential and far-reaching revival movement of the twentieth century in Africa." Thoroughly researched and beautifully presented, Dr. Moon presents us with a carefully nuanced account of African Christianity that will inform and inspire all who yearn for the spiritual renewal of Christ’s church around the globe." - Garth M. Rosell, Senior Research Professor of Church History, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

 1 Historiography of the East African Revival
 2 African Christianity as Africa’s Story
 3 World Christianity as an Embracing Discourse
 4 Sources and Structures

1 The Ruanda Mission: The Seedbed for the Revival
 1 The Origin and Characteristics of the Ruanda Mission
 2 Religious Change and Seeds of the Revival in Kigezi
 3 Conclusion

2 The Balokole Revival and African Conversion
 1 The Nature of Revivalism
 2 Different Views on the Origin of the Revival
 3 The Revival as a Conversionist Movement
 4 Conclusion

3 The Balokole Revival and African Christian Spirituality
 1 The Shaping of Balokole Spirituality
 2 The Deepening of Balokole Spirituality
 3 Conclusion

4 Revivalist Piety and Modern Education
 1 Revivalist Ideals and the Vision of African Teachers
 2 The Educational Enterprise of the Ruanda Mission
 3 Tension between Revivalist Eschatology and Modern Influence
 4 Conclusion

5 Revival, Controversy, and the Threat of Schism
 1 Revival Controversies
 2 Revival and Churchmanship
 3 Conclusion

Conclusion: Brotherhood Beyond Boundaries
Scholars and students interested in African Christianity and revival movements.
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