Transformation Fast and Slow

Digitalisation, Quality and Trust in Higher Education


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change in the higher education sector across the globe and has required huge efforts and commitments on the political, institutional and individual level. During this period higher education was considered, maybe more than ever, as an essential sector. Providing critical information and, contributing to the delivery of scientifically based solutions to help societies overcome this global crisis, universities also simultaneously maintained core educational activities to secure the academic future of the next student generation. This required a high level of innovation, adaptivity and creativity. The book is centred on three main themes linked to transformation and change in higher education: digitalisation, quality and trust. The transformative power of the pandemic has raised concerns and questions of each of them.

Contributors are: Stephanie Albrecht, Tony Armstrong, Victoria Birmingham, Victor Borden, Bruno Broucker, Uwe Cantner, Helge Dauchert, Harry de Boer, Caterina Fox, Amanda French, Katharina Hölzle, Gunnar Grepperud, Seonmi Jin, Ben Jongbloed, Alex Kendall, Cindy Konen, René Krempkow, Anne-Kristin Langner, Theodor Leiber, Oddlaug Marie Lindgaard, Silke Masson, Clare Milsom, Jessica Nooij, Mark O’Hara, Matt O’Leary, Pascale Stephanie Petri, Rosalind Pritchard, Christopher Stolz, Elisabeth Suzen, Sara-I. Täger, Daniel Thiemann, Lieke van Berlo, Lotte J. van Dijk, Katy Vigurs, Tilo Wendler, and Tamara Zajontz.

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Bruno Broucker, PhD, is guest professor at the KU Leuven and higher education policy advisor at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. He is member of the executive committee of EAIR and Series Editor of the book series Higher Education: Linking Research, Policy and Practice.

Rosalind Pritchard is Emeritus Professor of Education at Ulster University, United Kingdom. She is Secretary of EAIR, a member of the Royal Irish Academy and an honorary member of the British Association for Comparative and International Education. Her work focuses on neo-liberalism in higher education, gender, mergers and linkages.

Clare Milsom is academic registrar at the Liverpool John Moore University. She is a National Teaching Fellow and is involved in the QAA review of the Higher Education credit framework for England. Clare has worked in higher education for over twenty years and is known for her work on the evaluation of survey qualitative data.

René Krempkow, Phd, is senior manager and researcher at HU Berlin (D). He is editorial board member of the journals Qualität in der Wissenschaft and Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung.
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Introduction: Transformation Fast and Slow: Digitalisation, Quality and Trust in Higher Education
Bruno Broucker, Rosalind Pritchard, Clare Milsom and René Krempkow

PART 1: Digitalisation

1 COVID-19: Challenges of the Virtual Classroom: Satisfaction, Motivation and Burnout in Online Teaching
Caterina Fox and Anne-Kristin Langner

2 Digital Competences of Students: How They Are Assessed and What They Can Contribute to Study Success
René Krempkow and Pascale Stephanie Petri

3 Digital Transformation in Higher Education Learning and Teaching: The Quality Digital Literacy We Need
Theodor Leiber

4 Challenges on the Digitalisation of the Universities in the European Higher Education Area: The Case of Germany
Uwe Cantner, Helge Dauchert, Katharina Hölzle and Christopher Stolz

PART 2: Quality

5 ‘Positive Mind Monitor’: The Development of a Mental Compass to Enhance Student Wellbeing by Using Data-Feedback
Jessica Nooij, Lieke van Berlo and Lotte van Dijk

6 An Evidence-Based Framework for Transforming Higher Education Programs and Processes
Victor M. H. Borden and Seonmi Jin

7 Professional Development; Creating an Arena for Pedagogical Reflections among Academic Staff: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study among Learning Teachers at Nord University, Norway
Elisabeth Suzen, Oddlaug Lindgaard and Gunnar Grepperud

8 Performance Agreements in Denmark, Ontario and the Netherlands
Ben Jongbloed and Harry de Boer

9 Helping Students in the COVID Crisis: Drawing Conclusions Utilising Business Intelligence Data as a Quality Management Tool
Sara-I. Taeger, Stephanie Albrecht, Daniel Thiemann and Tilo Wendler

PART 3: Trust

10 Trust during an Era of COVID-19: An Analysis of British Higher Education
Rosalind Pritchard

11 Innovative Higher Education Institution or Innovator in the Higher Education Institution? An Analysis of the Influence and Interplay of Frame Conditions and the Person-Specific Innovative Ability
Cindy Konen

12 Community-Based Professional Development of Higher Education Teachers in Times of Transformation
Silke Masson and Tamara Zajontz

13 Rethinking Quality and Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Matt O’Leary, Tony Armstrong, Victoria Birmingham, Amanda French, Alex Kendall, Mark O’Hara and Katy Vigurs

This volume belongs to the book series “Higher Education. Linking Research, Policy and Practice.” It is of interest to scholars, professionals, practitioners and policymakers in higher education.
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