Re/centring Lives and Lived Experience in Education


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Teaching and learning are profoundly personal experiences, yet systems of education often prioritize disembodied and decontextualized approaches that continue the historical marginalization of the lives they seek to represent. Re/centring teachers and learners places individuals at the heart of education and, in so doing, re/positions knowledge as contextual and constructivist. This approach, at once pedagogical and practical, has the capacity to transform the classroom from a place too often characterized by what is missing to a place of presence. Through critical, qualitative, creative, and arts-integrated approaches, this collection explores the co-curricular capacity of lived experience to re/centre human being in education.

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Ellyn Lyle, Ph.D. (2011), is Dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University. The use of critical and reflexive methodologies shape explorations within the following areas: teacher and learner identity; praxis and practitioner development; and lived and living curriculum. 
Celeste Nazeli Snowber
Notes on Contributors

1 Living and Being with/in Education
Ellyn Lyle and Chantelle Caissie

2 The Gifting of Feather: A Kaleidoscopic Visioning to Reanimate Learning
alexandra fidyk and darlene st. georges

3 The Monarch Lecture
Alysha J. Farrell

4 “We Are Not Seen as Human”: Re/telling Stories of Dis/citizenship
Muna Saleh

5 A Pedagogy of Relatedness: Braiding Re(story)ative Co-inquiry through Métissage
Hilary Leighton

6 Currere as a Wayfinding Process of Writing the Learning Self
Lucrécia Raquel Fuhrmann

7 (Re)centring Our Presence in Education with Story: Experiences of Ts’élî Iskwew and Dinjii Zhuh Scholars
Anita Lafferty and Crystal Gail Fraser

8 Feeling Connection and Belonging: Factors for Veteran Students’ University Success
Lorrie Miller, Tim Laidler, Eric Lai and Benjamin Hertwig

9 Perform(actively) Sacred: Rehumanizing Learners through Ritualized Embodied Inquiry
Steven Noble
10 Our Relationships with Water: How Student Lived Experience Helps Reorient Inquiry into Water Issues
Carmen Schlamb
11 The Art of Rebraiding: Re/centring Self to Humanize Praxis
Jennifer Blue and Ellyn Lyle
12 Centring the Lives and Lived Experiences of Girls of Colour in Mathematics
Mahtab Nazemi
13 Re/centring Families: Principal as School Landscape Architect
Debbie Pushor and Esther Maeers
14 Freirean Variations: Toward Humanistic Dialogue and Listening in Piano Lessons
Jee Yeon Ryu
15 Re/centring Montage in Artistic | Educational Practices
Natalie Leblanc
16 Awakening Conscious Bodies in Relational Learning/Living Places
Danielle Denichaud, Andrea Nann, Michelle Silagy and Phil Davis
17 Extending Scientific Literacy: A Scientist’s Lived Experiences and Relational Connections through Hula
Poh Tan
18 Situated English Language Learning: Lessons Learned from a Jamaican Inner-city Classroom
Shawnee Hardware and Clement Lambert
19 Ethnodramatic Inqueery: Re/centring Queer Lives and Queer Experiences
Patrick Tomczyk
20 Pedagogy, People, and Place: A Rural Experience
Barbara Gilbert Mulcahy

Professors of Education will find this a valuable resource for teacher education courses such as Curriculum Studies, Reflective Practice, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Teaching Methods, Current Issues in Education, and Collaborative Inquiry.
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