Reading the Reformations

Theologies, Cultures and Beliefs in an Age of Change


In the last thirty years, understandings of the European reformations have been transformed. A generation of scholars has demonstrated how radically wide-ranging these movements were. Across family life, politics, material culture and philosophy, the reformations are now at the very heart of our understanding not just of early modern Europe, but of religion and identity in general.

This volume collects recent work from past and present members of the European Reformation Research Group, exploring key fronts in contemporary Reformation Studies, achieving a broad view of how historiography has developed in recent decades – and where it seems set to go next.

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Anna French, Ph.D. (2009, University of Birmingham) is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Liverpool. She has published a number of works, including Children of Wrath (Ashgate 2015/Routledge 2016) and Early Modern Childhood (Routledge, 2019).
Foreword: ERRG at Thirty
  Andrew Pettegree


List of Figures

Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Reading the Reformations  
Anna French

Part 1
Reading the Instructive
1 ‘Teaching the Simple’: Sacramental Education in Sixteenth Century Germany
  Ruth Atherton

2 ‘A Godly Forme of Household’: Reading Reformed Religion in the Protestant Home
  Anna French

3 Divine Kingship, Royal Supremacy, and Romans 13 (1526–36)
  Steven M. Foster

Part 2
Reading the Communal
4 Reforming France: The Protestant Political Assemblies during the First War of Religion, 1562–1563
  David Nicoll

5 The Reformed Kirk and the Local Community: The Evidence of Perth’s Kirk Session
  Helen Gair

6 Reading: The Reformations
  Joe Chick

Part 3
Reading the Material
7 Inscriptions, Text and the Material Culture of Worship in the Southern Netherlands, c.1566–1621
  Andrew Spicer

8 Reading and Not Reading the Material Evidence in Parish Churches
  Susan Orlik

9 Surviving a Public Obsession: Reading the Female Body in Post-reformation Legislation and Medicine
  Heather Cowan

Part 4
Reading the Long Reformation
10  ‘The Common Practices of an Imperfect World’: The Apparent Paradox of Cardinal Francesco Piccolomini’s Thoughts and Deeds
  Susan May

11 Making Public: Communicating Supernatural Belief in England’s Long Reformation
  Laura Sangha

12 Two Ways to Read the Bible in the (Very) Long Reformation
  Alec Ryrie

13 Afterword: The European Reformation Research Group Looking Forward
  Elizabeth Tingle


Scholarly readers third-year undergraduates. Keywords: Reformation studies, early modern history, European history, church history.
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