The Ethics of Urban Warfare

City and War


This volume addresses key ethical issues and challenges of modern urban warfare through ten chapters written by acclaimed experts from eight different countries and three continents. The foreword to the volume was written by Gen. (ret) Mart de Kruif, while Professor Hugo Slim wrote the Introduction.
In addition to providing the reader with the history of the intricate relationship between city and war, authors offer critical insights into the ethical problems arising from various dimensions of modern urban warfare: conflicting war narratives, imperative of victory, tactical and leadership specificities, use of non-lethal measures, international interventions, in bello peculiarities of urban warfare, introduction of new weapons and technologies, use of war games and simulations in training for urban warfare, and many more.

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Dragan Stanar, Dr. (1986), EuroISME BoD Member, Associate Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of International Politics and Security, UNT University, teaches Military Ethics at the Military Academy in Belgrade. Published numerous articles and monographs on Military Ethics.

Kristina Tonn, MA (1980), Research Manager and Project Officer at zebis, Centre of Ethical Education in the Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany
Foreword Urban Operations, Better Be Prepared  
Mart de Kruif

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Notes on Contributors

 Introduction The City and War
  Hugo Slim

1 One Damned Thing after Another Battle of Narratives and Urban-War Chaos
  Patrick Mileham

2 Enyo’s Wrath War and the Fate of the City
  Srđan Starčević and Ilija Kajtez

3 Virtues for the Smallest Gang? A Contribution to the Leadership Ethics of Urban Warfare
  Florian Demont-Biaggi

4 The Kosovo Conflict as a Milestone in International Intervention Practice
  Hans-Peter Kriemann

5 An Honest Siege ‘Weaponising Honesty’ and Non-lethal Measures in Urban Operations
  Nick Melgaard

6 Military Necessity, Proportionality, and Discrimination The Case of Veracruz
  Eric Patterson

7 The Ethics of Eviction Agents versus Bombardment in Urban War Context for the Drone Debate
  Charles Knight and Seumas Miller

8 Preventing another Mosul Unmanned Weapon Platforms as the Solution to the Tragedy of a Hostage Siege
  Maciek Zajac

9 Can the Robots Save the City? Ethics, Urban Warfare, and Autonomous Weapons
  Jenna Allen and Deane-Peter Baker

10 Using Military Simulation Games to Promote Critical Thinking and Ethical Discussions Related to Urban Warfare
  Ioanna Lekea

Editors’ Remarks
  Dragan Stanar and Kristina Tonn

All interested in military ethics and ethics of war. Academics, practitioners, philosophers, military personnel, cadets of military academies, students of ethics, international relations, and security, humanitarian organizations, military institutions.
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