Oil-Age Africa

Critical Reflections on Oil Politics, Resource Economies and Extractive Communities


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Following a wave of oil discoveries in Africa, Oil-Age Africa offers new perspectives and critical reflections on the prevalent academic discourses on oil in Africa. This collection brings together researchers from the social sciences to challenge simplified readings of the complex realities of oil politics, economies and societies through theoretical critique and ‘on the ground’ ethnographic methods.

Climate change highlights the need to understand the intricate ways societies are built on and for oil energy. Oil-Age Africa analyses the effects of oil production and the global energy structure, offering relevant insights and avenues for future research on oil.

Helmut Asche, Joseph N. Mangarella, Immo Eulenberger, Harouna Abdoutan, Monica Skaten, Yorbana Seign-Goura, Laura Smith, James Van Alstine, Geertrui Vannoppen, Mahamidou Aboubacar Attahirou, Salissou Oubandoma, Jannik Schritt.

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Dr Jannik Schritt is a postdoctoral anthropologist (TU Berlin) who publishes on oil and governmentality, resource assemblages and oil-related protests in Niger.

Dr Annika Witte is a social anthropologist who publishes on Uganda’s transition to an oil state, including the monograph An Uncertain Future - Anticipating Oil in Uganda.     
This collection will interest scholars of African studies, geography, political science, economics, anthropology and sociology. It also offers new inspiration to journalists, civil society activists and political analysts focused on questions of oil in Africa.
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