Great Powers’ Foreign Policy

Approaching the Global Competition and the Russian War against the West

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By comparing the great-powers’ foreign policy, this book investigates the global competition and revisionist attempts to dismantle the Western liberal order. Since February 2022, the international system has been challenged by the Russian invasion in Ukraine and its profound, multiple consequences.Putin’s War has reinvented the West. But still, this is not “the end of history”. To illustrate that tensions between democratic and autocratic great powers are nowadays at their peak since the end of the Cold War, one should consider President Biden’s words in Warsaw, referring to President Putin: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!”

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Valentin Naumescu, Ph.D (2000), Babeș-Bolyai University (BBU), Cluj, is Professor of International Relations at BBU and Director of the EUXGLOB Centre. His latest book is The USA-China War for Supremacy and the Five Forces Changing the World (Polirom, 2022).
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Great-Power Competition, Revisionism and War: How Putin’s Invasion Reinvented the West
Valentin Naumescu

1 The Foreign Policy of the United States in the Post-Trump Era
Anda Ghilescu
2 The European Union’s Foreign Policy Capabilities
Adrian-Gabriel Corpadean
3 Understanding the Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China: Historical Facts, Main Trends, Actors and Decision-Making Bodies
Serban Filip Cioculescu
4 Germany: A Civilian Power in Line with a Changing World?
Georgiana Ciceo
5 The Mental Maps of French Foreign Policy: Between Ambitions of Grandeur and Constraints of Multipolarity in the Twenty-First Century
Marius-Mircea Mitrache and Sergiu Mi?coiu
6 UK’s Post: Brexit Alliance Building Practices in the Age of Global Competition
Agnes Nicolescu
7 Russia: Back to Utopia: Escaping the Long Siberian Winter
Dorin Popescu
8 Japan at the Beginning of the Reiwa Era: Role and Place in World Politics
Diana Peca and ?erban Georgescu
9 India: A Great Regional Power in Search of a Global Footprint
Stefan Popescu
10 Brazil: From Colony to Emergent Power
Razvan Victor Pantelimon
11 Beyond the “Iron Wall:” The Strategic Priorities of Israel’s Contemporary Foreign Policy
Raluca Moldovan

Afterword: The Russo-Ukrainian War and Great Power Competition
Marius Ghincea

The book is addressed to academics, researchers and students in international relations, policy-makers, think-tankers and practitioners, specialized journalists and the informed public.
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