The Culture of Latin Greece

Seven Tales from the 13th and 14th centuries


The artistic and literary maze of Latin-occupied Greece cannot be analysed by a conventional approach. Follow the author and the historical protagonists of his tales in a journey through a fragmentary shape-shifting corpus, from the medieval translations of Aristotle to pornographic animal tales carved on church columns. The book explains how art and literature were intertwined, how they evolved from the times of Nicetas Choniates to those of Isabella of Lusignan, and under what influences. It is based on the assumption that history is a form of literature, as they both share an “arbitrary distribution of emphasis” (Isaiah Berlin).

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Vladimir Agrigoroaei, Ph.D. (2011, 2016), CESCM Poitiers / CNRS, is a researcher at that institution. He has published editions, studies, and articles on medieval writings, the junction of art and literature, and the cultural dialogue between Western and Eastern Europe.
The narrative structure aims at a wide readership , while the lengthy case-studies and abundant examples make it essential for specialists of medieval art and literature (Western and Byzantine).
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