The “Exodus” in Jerusalem (Luke 9:31)

A Lukan Form of Israel’s Restoration Hope


This book addresses the dearth of study in Lukan scholarship on the transfiguration account and provides a model of new exodus based on the Song of the Sea (Exod 15) beyond the two major—Deuteronomi(sti)c and Isaianic—models. The proposed Exodus 15 pattern explicates the enigmatic phrase “his ‘exodus’ in Jerusalem” in the transfiguration account. It also elucidates how the seemingly discordant motifs of Moses and David are conjoined within a larger drama of the (new) exodus and the subsequent establishment of Israel’s (eschatological) worship space. This shows how Luke deals with the issues of temple (Acts 7), circumcision (Acts 15), and the ambivalent nature of Jerusalem.

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W. Gil Shin, PhD (2016), Fuller Theological Seminary, is Affiliate Professor of New Testament at the same seminary. He has published books and articles, including CEB Gospel Parallels (Abingdon, 2012) and “The Double Entendre of Paul’s Trade as Σκηνοποιόϛ,” NovT (2022).
The primary readership is expected to be New Testament scholars and graduate students, who are interested in the study of scriptural traditions and Luke-Acts, the methodological explorations of literary/intertextual approach, and the issues of restoration eschatology.
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