Islamic Architecture through Western Eyes: Spain, Turkey, India and Persia

Volume 1

This book, the first of three, offers an anthology of Western descriptions of Islamic religious buildings of Spain, Turkey, India and Persia, mostly from the seventeenth to early twentieth centuries, taken from books and ambassadorial reports. As travel became easier and cheaper, thanks to viable roads, steamships, hotels and railways, tourist numbers increased, museums accumulated eastern treasures, illustrated journals proliferated, and photography provided accurate data. The second volume covers some of the religious architecture of Syria, Egypt and North Africa, while the third deals with Islamic palaces around the Mediterranean. All three deal with the impact of Western trade, taste and imports on the East, and examine the encroachment of westernised modernism, judged responsible for the degradation of Islamic styles.

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Michael Greenhalgh (PhD Manchester, 1968) is Professor Emeritus of Art History at the Australian National University, and the author of many books and articles dealing with the dilapidation of ancient marble architecture and its later re-use.
Preface for the Three Volumes
List of Illustrations

1 Introduction
 1 Overview
 2 Crusades in East and West
 3 Contacts through Trade Trigger Westernised Modernisation
 4 Constantinople
 5 Arrangement of the Book

2 Churches, Mosques and Travellers
 1 Westerners Travel around the East
 2 Ambassadors Study the Empire
 3 Viewing Mosque Architecture
 4 Drawing Mosque Exteriors and Interiors
 5 A Conflicting Mix of Ideas and Beliefs
 6 Forgotten? Westerners and the Eastern Crusades
 7 Dress and Doctors
 8 Western Habits and Actions Offend Muslims: Footwear and Spitting
 9 The End of Islam? The Empire in Decline?
 10 The Various Inhabitants of the Empire
 11 Architecture in the Empire: Wood, Maintenance and Competence
 12 Advice to Western Travellers from Western Authors
 13 East Is East: The Development of Curiosity Travel

3 Spain
 1 Christians versus Muslims
 2 The Alhambra, Granada (Reconquered 1492)
 3 Charles V and Architecture
 4 Córdoba: the Great Mosque (Mezquita)
 5 Seville (Recaptured in 1248)
 6 Girault de Prangey and Arab Architecture

4 Constantinople and Adrianople with a Note on Greece
 1 The Imperial Firman
 2 The Ottoman Building Programme
 3 Collecting Manuscripts in Constantinople
 4 Adrianople
 5 Constantinople
 6 Cityscape: “‘Tis Distance Lends Enchantment to the View”
 7 Cityscape: Strolling the Streets
 8 Seeing Hagia Sophias Everywhere They Look: Royal Mosques
 9 Domes, Minarets, and Dimensions
 10 Some Constantinople Mosques Visited by Travellers
 11 Topkapi / Seraglio
 12 Greece: Athens
 13 Tripolitza

5 Asia Minor
 1 On and Off the Beaten Track
 2 Aleppo
 3 Alexandria Troas
 4 Ankara
 5 Ayasoluk – Selçuk – Ephesus
 6 Bursa
 7 Cyzicus
 8 The Dardanelles and Its Cannon
 9 Erzerum
 10 Karaman, Mut and Nigde
 11 Konya
 12 Lampsacus
 13 Magnesia / Manisa
 14 Miletus
 15 Mylasa
 16 Nicaea
 17 Pergamum
 18 Smyrna

6 India and Persia
 1 India
 2 Persia
 3 Collecting Persian Tiles
 4 A Miscellany of Mosques

7 Coda: Mecca and Medina
Bibliography – Sources
Bibliography – Modern Scholars
All interested in the development of architectural history as encouraged by travel in the East and Islamic Spain, and in the impact of Western trade, ideas and modernism.
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