A Dictionary of Early Middle Turkic


In A Dictionary of Early Middle Turkic Hendrik Boeschoten describes the lexical material contained in works written in different varieties of Eastern Turkic in and around the fourteenth century, e.g. before the classical age of Chaghatay Turkic; late Karakhanid, Khwarezmian Turkic, Golden Horde Turkic, Mamluk Turkic, and early Azeri. As the existing, previously published dictionaries are now antiquated and hardly cover this period (most relevant works were not yet known at their time of writing), A Dictionary of Early Middle Turkic is a most welcome addition to the field.

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Hendrik Boeschoten, doctorate 1990 at the Catholic University of Tilburg (the Netherlands) is retired Professor of Turcology at the University of Mainz (Germany). He has published monographs (including text editions) and articles in the field of Ottoman and Eastern Turkic studies, Dialectology of Turkish and Uzbek, .and Contact Linguistics.



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