Theater(s) and Public Sphere in a Global and Digital Society, Volume 1

Theoretical Explorations


Volume Editor:
Volume 1 of Theater(s) and Public Sphere in a Global and Digital Society inquires the fundamental contribution that artistic and cultural forms bring to social dynamics and how these can consolidate cohabitation and create meaningfulness, in addition to fulfilling economic and regulatory needs. As symbolic forms of collective social practices, artistic and cultural forms weave the meaning of a territory, a context, and a people, but also of the generations who traverse these same cultures.
These forms of meaning interact with the social imagery, mediate marginalization, transform barriers into bridges, and are the indispensable tools for any social coexistence and its continuous rethinking in everyday life. The various epistemic approaches present here, refer to sociology, theatre studies, cultural studies, psychology, economy of culture, and social statistics which observe theatre as a social phenomenon.

Contributors are: Maria Shevstova, Ilaria Riccioni, Roberta Paltrinieri, Gerhard Glüher, Raimondo Guarino, Mariselda Tessarolo, Raffaele Federici, Marco Serino, Maria Grazia Turri, Elena Olesina, Elena Polyudova, Marisol Facuse, Vincenzo Del Gaudio, Laura Gemini, Stefano Brilli, Jessica Camargo Molano, Annalisa Cicerchia, Simona Staffieri and Giulia Cavrini.

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Ilaria Riccioni, Ph.D. (2003) “La Sapienza” University of Rome, is Tenured Researcher of General Sociology at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen. She has published many monographs and articles of social theory and social impact of artistic phenomena including “Futurism: Anticipating Postmodernism” (Mimesis International, 2019)


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Notes on Contributors

1 Artistic Processes and Characteristics: Key Problems of the Sociology of the Theatre In Dialogue with Pierre Bourdieu
  Maria Shevtsova

2 The Social and Political Impact of the Theatre in Contemporary Society
  Ilaria Riccioni

3 Theatre at University as a Way to Increase the Sense of Citizenship and Civil Spirit
  Roberta Paltrinieri

4 Staged Passages between Art and Everyday Life
  Gerhard Glüher

5 Urban Environment, Places for Performance A Groundbreaking Experience: Renato Nicolini and Estate Romana (1976–1985)
  Raimondo Guarino

6 The Theatre as the Stage of an Elusive Further Society
  Mariselda Tessarolo

7 Paris and Popular Theatre in Robert Michels La foule and the Audience in the Years of Classical Sociology
  Raffaele Federici

8 The Undone Discipline A Historical and Critical-Theoretical Account of the Sociology of the Theatre
  Marco Serino

9 Theatre as Intersubjective Space for the Mediation of Collective Identity Outline of a Psychoanalytic Perspective
  Maria Grazia Turri

10 Historical Reenactment and Theatrical Performance On New Perspectives of Educational Methods
  Elena Olesina and Elena Polyudova

11 Political Theatre in the 20th Century Elements for Archaeology
  Marisol Facuse

12 Blast Theory between Public Space and Social Space
  Vincenzo Del Gaudio

13 Live/Life Sharing The Use of Social Media by Contemporary Theatre Companies in Italy
  Laura Gemini and Stefano Brilli

14 Theatre as a Means of “Interpreting” Lockdown The Case of Staged
  Jessica Camargo Molano

15 Cultural Welfare Theatre in the Limelight
  Annalisa Cicerchia and Simona Staffieri

16 Measuring Culture – How and Why?
  Giulia Cavrini


All interested in the sociological understanding of symbolic meanings or arts, their role and impact in social dynamics, and anyone interested in performance and theatre in contemporary globalized and digitalized society.
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