Theater(s) and Public Sphere in a Global and Digital Society, Volume 2

Case Studies


Volume Editor:
This second volume of Theaters and Public Sphere in a Global and Digital Society offers several different case studies in their relationship with society. Also here, the focus is the fundamental contribution that artistic and cultural forms bring to social dynamics and how these can consolidate cohabitation and create meaningfullness, in addition to fulfilling economic and regulatory needs. As symbolic forms of collective social practices, artistic and cultural forms weave the meaning of a territory, a context, and a people, but also of the generations who traverse these same cultures.
These forms of meaning interact with the social imagery, mediate marginalization, transform barriers into bridges, and are the indispensable tools for any social coexistence and its continuous rethinking in everyday life.

Contributors are: Claudio Bernardi, Marco Bernardi, Massimo Bertoldi, Martina Guerinoni, Mara Nerbano, Chiara Pasanisi, Benedetta Pratelli, Roberto Prestigiacomo, Ilaria Riccioni, Daniela Salinas Frigerio, Eleonora Sparano, Emanuele Stochino, Matteo Tamborrino, Tiziana Tesauro, Katia Trifirò, Alessandro Tolomelli, and Andrea Zardi.

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Ilaria Riccioni, Ph.D. (2003) "La Sapienza" University of Rome, is Tenured Researcher of General Sociology at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen. She has published many monographs and articles of social theory and social impact of artistic phenomena including "Futurism: Anticipating Postmodernism" (Mimesis International, 2019)


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Notes on Contributors

1 The Impact of Theatre in a Multilingual Province The Case of the Teatro Stabile of Bolzano between New and Old Generations
  Ilaria Riccioni

2 The Anomaly of the Teatro Stabile of Bolzano A Public Theater on the Border, between Different Languages and Cultures
  Marco Bernardi

3 State Theater of Bolzano. 70 years History and Shows in a Book
  Massimo Bertoldi

4 The Interviews for the Research on the Teatro Stabile di Bolzano Some Methodological Considerations
  Eleonora Sparano

5 Social Theatre, a Polyphonic Dramaturgy of the Community
  Claudio Bernardi

6 From the Creative Process to the Relationship with the City The Theatre of the ‘Margin’ by the Carullo-Minasi Company (Messina, 2011–2021)
  Katia Trifirò

7 Theatre Festivals and Urban Public Border Crossing Practices in Comparison
  Benedetta Pratelli

8 A Relational Theatre Fabrizio Crisafulli’s “Theatre of Places”
  Mara Nerbano

9 Introducing Performing Human Rights
  Roberto Prestigiacomo

10 On Stage without a Script A Theatrical Workshop for Professional Training
  Tiziana Tesauro

11 The Theater of the Oppressed as a Martial Art Theatre, Community, Pedagogy and Politics
  Alessandro Tolomelli

12 Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Theatre of the Word
  Emanuele Stochino

13 Dramaturgies of Distancing Dance and Public Space in the Covid Era
  Andrea Zardi

14 La Trilogia del naufragio by Lina Prosa Dramaturgy and Poetic of Inclusion
  Chiara Pasanisi

15 The Lavanderia a Vapore, from Madhouse to Dancehouse A Contemporary Experience of Relationship between Theatrical Space and Territorial Communities
  Matteo Tamborrino

16 Performing Arts and Practices for the Inclusion of Migrants in Milan
  Martina Guerinoni

17 Teleaudiencias Teatrales Crisis of a Representation
  Daniela Salinas Frigerio


All interested in the sociological understanding of symbolic meanings or arts, their role and impact in social dynamics, and anyone interested in performance and theatre in contemporary globalized and digitalized society.
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