Borders, Boundaries and Belonging in Post-Ottoman Space in the Interwar Period

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Focusing on new nation states and mandates in post-Ottoman territories, Borders, Boundaries and Belonging in Post-Ottoman Space in the Interwar Period examines how people negotiated, imagined or ignored new state borders and how they conceived of or constructed belonging. Through investigations of border crossing, population transfer, exile and emigration, this book explores the intricacies of survival within and beyond newly imposed state borders, the exploitation of opportunities and the human cost of political partition.

Contributors are Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, Leyla Amzi-Erdogdular, Amit Bein, Ebru Boyar, Onur İşçi, Liat Kozma, Brian McLaren, Nikola Minov, Eli Osheroff, Ramazan Hakkı Öztan, Michael Provence, Jordi Tejel and Peter Wien.

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Ebru Boyar, Ph.D. Cambridge University, is a Professor at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Her publications include Ottomans, Turks and the Balkans: Empire Lost, Relations Altered (London, 2007) and A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010).

Kate Fleet, Ph.D. SOAS, London University, is Director of the Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies, University of Cambridge. Her publications include European and Islamic Trade in the Early Ottoman State (Cambridge, 1999) and A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul (Cambridge, 2010).
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Ebru Boyar and Kate Fleet

Ch 1 Post-Ottoman Dreams and Nightmares in the Mandate Middle East
Michael Provence

Ch. 2 The Deal of the Decade: Jewish Immigration for Arab Independence and Post-Ottomanism in 1930s Palestine
Eli Osheroff

Ch. 3 Cursed in Heaven: the Colonization of the Aromanians in Southern Dobruja
Nikola Minov

Ch. 4 Colonialism and Mobility in Libya during the Balbo Era, 1934-1940
Brian McLaren

Ch. 5 Yüzellilikler: the League of Nations’s First and Only Muslim Refugees
Ebru Boyar

Ch. 6 Surviving in Nazi Berlin: Husni al-‘Urabi’s 89 Months in Exile
Peter Wien

Ch. 7 Regional Careers: Doctors’ Mobility across the New Frontiers of the Interwar Middle East
Liat Kozma

Ch. 8 Strolling through Istanbul: Egyptians in 1930s Turkey
Amit Bein

Ch. 9 Borders of Mobility? Crime and Punishment along the Syrian-Turkish Border, 1921-1939
Jordi Tejel and Ramazan Hakkı Öztan

Ch. 10 Interwar Territoriality and Soviet-Turkish Convergence across the Aras River
Onur İşçi

Ch. 11 Muslim Migration and Nation-Building in Interwar Yugoslavia and Turkey
Leyla Amzi-Erdoğdular

Ch. 12From Marjayun to Oklahoma: Translocalizing the Periphery in Interwar Lebanon
Toufoul Abou-Hodeib

All interested in the interwar period, the mandate states, the twentieth-century Middle East and the Balkans, the League of Nations, populations movements and exile.
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