Handbook of Cognitive Semantics (part 2)

With a Foreword by Leonard Talmy


Volume Editor:
Cognitive semantics is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of meaning and mind. The Handbook of Cognitive Semantics is the first reference work in the field. Edited by Thomas Fuyin Li, with a detailed taxonomy of the field by Leonard Talmy, it provides an overview of the basic topics and recent developments. Since its origins, cognitive semantics has grown greatly in the range and depth of its research on conceptual structure in language. The Handbook shows that cognitive semantics has become a mature discipline that advances linguistic meaning to a central place in research on cognition. This is the second volume in a set of four. It contains the following parts: Part III: Essential Concepts Part IV: Semantic Categories Part V: Methodology Part VI: Models and Schemas

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Fuyin Thomas LI, Ph.D. (2003), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is Professor of Linguistics at Beihang University, Founding Editor of the journal Cognitive Semantics, Series Editor of Distinguished Lectures in Cognitive Linguistics, and organizer of the China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics (CIFCL) and ICLC-11. He proposed the Macro-event Hypothesis.
This Handbook is a must-read for students and researchers in linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and other subject fields in cognitive science that takes meaning and mind as their pursuit.
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