Theodotion’s Greek Text of Daniel

An Analysis of the Revisional Process and Its Semitic Source


This study advances our knowledge regarding the character of the version of Daniel attributed to Theodotion within the larger framework of the Theodotionic problem in Septuagint research. This is achieved in two ways. In addition to demonstrating the recensional character of Theodotion-Daniel and describing its revising techniques, it also breaks new ground on Theodotion’s Hebrew-Aramaic source. The findings compellingly argue for the theory that Theodotion-Daniel is a systematic revision of the Old Greek in conformity with a Semitic text form which often preserved original readings against the Masoretic Text and the Qumran scrolls.

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Daniel Olariu, Ph.D. (2021), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is teaching Biblical Studies at Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, Germany. He is the recipient of distinguished scholarships, awards, and prizes. He has presented papers at various international conferences and published many articles on the Book of Daniel.
Terms and Sigla Employed in the Discussion
Remarks on Form and Style

1 Introduction
 1 State of Research on the Theodotionic Problem
 2 The Purpose and Importance of the Present Study
 3 Methodology
 4 Tools
 5 Trajectory of the Study

2 The Character of a Revision
 1 Previous Recensional Studies
 2 Recensional Techniques

3 The Characterization of the Revisional Process in Th-Daniel 1–12
 A Recensional Consistency
 B Recensional Techniques
 C Recensional Inconsistencies
 D Evaluation

4 The Nature of Th-Dan’s Vorlage
 1 Minuses in Th-Dan
 2 Pluses in Th-Dan
 3 Differences in Words
 4 Evaluation

5 Summary of Results and Conclusions
 1 Recensional Character of Th-Dan
 2 Insights on Th-Dan’s Vorlage
 3 Historical Aspects of Th-Dan’s Revision

Appendix 1: Proto-Th and Th-Dan: A Comparative Synopsys
Appendix 2: Samples of Inner-Greek Corruptions in Th-Dan
Appendix 3: The Distribution of the Dialogic Formula ענה … ואמר/ענו … ואמרין in MT-Dan
Appendix 4: The Distribution of the Phrase גבריא אלך “These Men” in MT-Dan
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Ancient Texts
Institutes, seminaries, libraries, specialists, graduate and post-graduate students interested in Textual Studies, Septuagint, Qumran Scrolls, Book of Daniel, translation studies, translation/revising techniques.
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