Type and Archetype in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture


This book addresses typology of Late Antique and Byzantine art and architecture in eight wide-ranging contributions from an international group of scholars. A dialogue between type and its ultimate source, archetype, surpasses issues of formalism and conventional chronological narratives to suggest a more nuanced approach to typology as a systematic and systemic classification of types in the visual landscape of the pagans, Jews, and Christians.
Set against the contemporaneous cultural context, select examples of Mediterranean material culture confirm the great importance of type-and-archetype constructs for theoretical discourse on architecture and visual arts. Contributors are Anna Adashinskaya, Jelena Anđelković Grašar, Jelena Bogdanović, Čedomila Marinković, Marina Mihaljević, Ljubomir Milanović, Cecilia Olovsdotter, and Ida Sinkević.

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Jelena Bogdanović, Ph.D. (2008), Princeton University, is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University. Among her authored and edited books are The Framing of Sacred Space: The Canopy and the Byzantine Church (2017) and Icons of Space: Advances in Hierotopy (2021).
Ida Sinkević, Ph.D. (1994), Princeton University, is the Arthur J. ’55 and Barbara Rothkopf Professor of Art History at Lafayette College. Her books are The Church of St. Panteleimon at Nerezi (2000) and Knights in Shining Armor (2006).
Marina Mihaljević, Ph.D. (2010), Princeton University, is an Assistant Professor of Art and Architectural History at the State University of Novi Pazar, Serbia. Her publications include “Change in Byzantine Architecture” (2012) and “Üçayak: A Forgotten Byzantine Church” (2014).
Čedomila Marinković, Ph.D. (2004), University of Belgrade, is an independent researcher from based in Belgrade. Her books include Image of the Completed Building (2007), Jews in Belgrade 1521-1942 (2020), and Synagogues in Vojvodina (2022).
The book addresses the broad range of scholars and advanced students of art and architectural history and theory, religion, Byzantine, Slavic, late antique, medieval, and Jewish studies.
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