Early State Dynamics


This book is about the dynamics of the Early State. It is based on new theoretical insights into the evolution of socio-political organizations and on a number of carefully selected case studies. The dynamic aspects of the Early State considered here are the changes and transformations that occur in the socio-political organization once the Early State has come into existence.

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Introduction, Henri J.M. Claessen and Pieter van de Velde

Upward evolution, suprasystem dominance, and the Mature State, Thomas Bargatzky

Aztecs and Africans: political processes in twenty-two Early States, Patricia A. Shifferd

The Early State and after in precolonial West Sudan. Problems of the stability of political organizations and the
obstacles to their development, Michal Tymowsky

Tyranny and democracy. The evolution of politics in Ancient Greece, Edward Ch. L. van der Vliet

First steps toward a market-integrated economy in Aztec Mexico, Frederic Hicks

The phenomenon of gafol and its transformation, Yurii M. Kobishchanow

From tribute to taxation. On the dynamics of the Early State, Albert A. Trouwborst

Discrepancies and dissolution: breakdown of the early Inca state, Judith Drick Toland

The Angkor state: rise, fall and in between, Renée Hagesteijn

The Vijayanagara empire. Re-integration of the agrarian order of medieval South India, 1336-1565, Ravi A. Palat

The destruction of the Nyoro state, Edward I. Steinhart


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