From Samarqand to Toledo

Greek, Sogdian and Arabic Documents and Manuscripts from the Islamicate World and Beyond


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Documents open up another an approach complementary to the overwhelming richness of literary tradition as preserved in manuscripts. This volume combines studies on Greek, Sogdian and Arabic documents (letters, legal agreements, and amulets) with studies on Arabic and Judeo-Arabic manuscripts (poetry, science and divination).

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Andreas Kaplony, PhD (1994), Habilitation (2001), is Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and co-director of the Arabic Papyrology Database ( He has published widely on Arabic-Islamic history, most recently From Barcelona to Qom: Aramaic, South Arabian, Coptic, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic Documents, ed. Andreas Kaplony and Daniel Potthast (2021).

Matt Malczycki, PhD (2006) is the Joseph A. Kicklighter Associate Professor of History at Auburn University. He previously co-edited New Frontiers of Arabic Papyrology with Sobhi Bouderbala and Sylvie Denoix (2017).
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Andreas Kaplony and Matt Malczycki

1 Who Did What in Eighth-Century Aphrodito? P.Würzb. Inv. 122–127, Greek Tax Documents, and Some Observations on Prosopography
Janneke de Jong

2 Thinking in Arabic, Writing in Sogdian: Arabic-Sogdian Diplomatic Relations in the Early Eighth Century
Said Reza Huseini

3 Reconstructing Dhū l-Rumma’s Poetry with the Help of Muqātil b. Sulaymān’s Tafsīr (P.Cair.Arab. Inv. 1235 Verso and Recto)
Hazem Hussein Abbas Ali

4 A Prisoner’s Fate in Fatimid Egypt: The Late Coptic Paitos Dossier
Vincent Walter

5 The Book of Twitches of Shem, Son of Noah, and Other Manuals of Palmomancy from the Cairo Genizah and al-Quṣayr
Gideon Bohak

6 Scientific Textbooks and Their Application in Practice: Interdependencies of Literary and Documentary Evidence of Scientific Activities
Johannes Thomann

7 Writing in Arabic after the Christian Conquest of Toledo: Christian and Islamic Documents and the Concept of Sunna (Appendix: Two Documents on the Sale of a Mosque)
Rocio Daga Portillo

Documents Quoted
Scholars working on Greek papyri in Byzantine and Early Egypt, on Sogdian documents from Early Islamic Central Asia, on Classical Arabic poetry as preserved in manuscripts, on Judeo-Arabic divination, and on documents from Islamic and post-conquest Spain, scholars working in onomatics, network analysis, and, more generally speaking, on the pre-modern history of the Islamic Empire and the interaction in between its many linguistic and religious minorities.
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