Pursuing Empire: Brazilians, the Dutch and the Portuguese in Brazil and the South Atlantic, c.1620-1660


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Peoples living on the shores of the South Atlantic during the first sixty years of the seventeenth century were confronted with challenges imposed by colonial occupation, disputes between empires and continuous warfare. While the future of the Dutch and Portuguese empires was being decided with unparalleled violence, common people faced daily challenges to survive institutional and political interests beyond their control. This book takes the perspective of individuals, families and groups of interest in their daily strive to survive a European pursuit of empire.

Contributors are: Cátia Antunes, Francisco Bethencourt, Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, José Manuel Santos-Pérez, Marco António Nunes da Silva, Bruno Romero Ferreira Miranda, Anne B. McGinness, Thiago Nascimento Krause, Christopher Ebert, and Amélia Polónia.

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Cátia Antunes is Professor of Global Economic Networks: Merchants, Entrepreneurs and Empires at the Institute for History at Leiden University. She is currently the principal investigator of the project Exploiting the Empire of Others, supported by the Dutch Research Council.
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1 Before, during and after Conquest: The Brazilians, the Dutch, and the Portuguese in the South Atlantic and Brazil, ca. 1620–1660
Cátia Antunes
2 Dutch and Portugese Rivalry in the South Atlantic: Exchange and Refusal
Francisco Bethencourt
3 Dutch and Portuguese Encounters in the South Atlantic: A Business Perspective, 1590s–1670s
Filipa Ribeiro da Silva
4 Brazil, Maranhão, Philip III, and the Dutch
José Manuel Santos Pérez
5 Martyrdom after Tolerance: Solidifying Confessional Boundaries in Dutch Brazil
Anne B. Mcginness
6 Daily Life and Resistance in the Dutch West India Company Army in Brazil (1630–1654)
Bruno Romero Ferreira Miranda
7 Daily Life in Dutch Brazil: Insights from the Notebooks of the Inquisitorial Prosecutors
Marco Antônio Nunes da Silva
8 Trading to Brazil: Continuities and Changes in Cross-Cultural Business Networks, 1621–1668
Cátia Antunes
9 The Dutch Republic’s Brazil Trade after 1654
Christopher Ebert and Thiago Krause

Amélia Polónia

This book will be appropriate to academic readers, at undergraduate and graduate level, as well as students and knowledgeable readers.
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