Al-Maqrīzī's al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar

Vol. V, Section 4: Persia and Its Kings, Part II


Al-Maqrīzī's (d. 845/1442) last work, al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar, was completed a year before his death. This volume, edited by Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, covers the history of pre-Islamic Iran during the Sasanian period and the conquest. Al-Maqrīzī's work shows how Arab historians integrated Iran into world history and how they harmonised various currents of historiography (Middle Persian historiography, Islamic sacred history, Greek and Latin historiography).

This part harmonises the versions of Miskawayh's Tağārib, al-Ṭabarī’s Taʾrīḫ, and several other sources, producing a fluent narrative of Iran from the early 3rd century until 651. It also includes the complete text of ʿAhd Ardašīr, here translated for the first time into English.

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Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila<, PhD. (1994), is Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies (University of Edinburgh). His monographs include Maqama (2002), The Last Pagans of Iraq (Brill, 2006), Khwadāynāmag (Brill, 2018) Al-Maqrīzī’s al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar, I (Brill, 2018), and Portrait of an Eight-Century Gentleman (Brill, 2020).
List of Plates

 1 al-Maqrīzī and the Ḫabar
 2 Sources
 3 Quoting
 4 Mistakes
 5 Description of the Manuscripts
 6 The Copying of Manuscript A-2826/5 (MS T)
 7 Sasanian Kings and Queens according to al-Maqrīzī
 8 Translation and Transliteration of Names


Abbreviations and Symbols

Critical Edition and Translation of al-Maqrīzī’s al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar, Vol. V, Section 4: Persia and Its Kings, Part II

The Fourth Class of Persian Kings, the Sasanians

List of Quoted Manuscripts
Index of Qurʾānic Verses
Index of Verses
Index of Prophetic Traditions
Index of Names (People and Places)
Index of Technical Terms
Index of Quoted Titles in al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar
Index of Sources in al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar
Index of Glosses
Facsimile of MS Fatih 4340 (Istanbul, Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi), Fols. 137a–200a
All interested in Mamluk historiography, pre-Islamic Iran, or Late Antiquity, as well as students and scholars working in Arabic or Persian Studies.
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